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MyTetra Share (English Page)

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MyTetra Share

Share your knowledge!



MyTetra Share - it is a web service that allows you to view MyTetra program records via the Internet as HTML pages.


Actual version of MyTetra Share: 0.48 on 09.07.2018


Supported version of MyTetra data: 1.30.x, 1.32.x, 1.42.x, 1.43.x


Note: there is also a MyTetra Web Client service that allows you to browse the MyTetra knowledge base via the Internet in your browser using a web interface reminiscent of MyTetra's front-end.



MyTetra Share Screenshots


Knowleges tree



Note text



What is the difference between MyTetra Share and MyTetra Web Client?


MyTetra Share service helps to open your database on the Internet so that it will be fully visible on the Internet as usual HTML-pages. Your knowledge will be available to everyone (if you want to, of course, and keep open the store with the MyTetra database).


MyTetra Web Client emulates the familiar MyTetra Qt interface in a browser window. It is written in JavaScript, and it works independently with a data repository located, for example, on GitHub.com. The WebHamster.Ru server is used as an intermediate server, proxying requests from the JavaScript to retrieve the content of the records. The peculiarity of this solution is that the texts of the records exist only in the browser and only at the moment of viewing, and do not appear on the Internet in any way.



View existing knowledge bases


I dare say a collection of ordered and extracted information posted on the Internet, the term "online encyclopedia." At the moment I know about the following open databases MyTetra:



Needs revision: 




If someone does not like that the data from his open repository is presented as an encyclopedia on the WebHamster.Ru site, write to me, I will remove the link. Or make the repository private.



How to place your data as an online encyclopedia


First, you need to configure synchronization or backups over the Internet. For this, free github.com or bitbucket.org services are usually used. Also, you can use the services of DropBox or GoogleDrive and the like. To ensure that private data is not accessible to outsiders, they are placed in encrypted branches. (MyTetra Share does not show encrypted branches at all because it can not decrypt them without the user's password).


Note! You must synchonize directory /data (with file mytetra.xml) only and all subdirectories. Don't syncronize any Up-level directory! If you select option "Save password local", the secret password hash is stored to file conf.ini. This file places at Up-level directory relation at directory /data. If you configure the synchronization to the Up-level directory, you write your secret password hash to your repository. If repository is open, any person will be able to decrypt your data.


Then you need to find out the URL of the root file mytetra.xml . How to do this is written on the MyTetra Web Client project page. Here I will give a couple of examples:


URL mytetra.xml for GitHub.com



URL mytetra.xml for Bitbucket.org



Secondly, this URL needs to be converted to a "transportable" URL. To do this, the symbol "/" is replaced by the character "~". If the character encounters the character "~", then it is replaced with the characters ". ~".


Example. Usual URL:



Transportable URL:

https: ~~ raw.github.com ~ xintrea ~ mytetra_syncro ~ master ~ mytetra.xml


Thirdly, the received URL should be docked to the URL of the MyTetra Share service "https://webhamster.ru/mytetrashare/index/ ". Like this:




Having opened the received URL in the browser, you can view MyTetra notes. You can publish this URL on your website. Also MyTetra Share shows a unique URL for each individual entry. While on the page with the entry, simply copy the URL. It can be used to go to a specific note, rather than to the entire tree of the encyclopedia.



If the MyTetra database has private data


Question: If I configure the synchronization, and place the data in an open GitHub repository, my private data will be seen by everyone!

Answer: MyTetra has branch encryption using the RC5Simple library. If you encrypt your private data, they will be accessible only to you. The degree of data protection depends on the complexity of the password. Services MyTetra Share and MyTetra Web Client do not show encrypted branches in the interface at all, as it is pointless to show them.



Known Issues


The site github.com, apparently, has some kind of load balancer, and does not respond at a high frequency of requests from a single IP address. When viewing encyclopedias, it is possible the appearance of periodic messages about the inability to display data.

Now the author is considering how to circumvent this restriction. Perhaps, a special mirror will be made, with some kind of synchronization with github.com.


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