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MyTetra Web Client (English page)

Official page

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MyTetra Web Client - is internet-service for fast access to MyTetra data from browser.


Actual version: 0.17

MyTetra data format support: 1.30.x

JavaScript source license: GPL v.3.0





Sometimes there is a need to look at the MyTetra-records from another's computer. It is no point to install the MyTetra program and to adjust synchronization on another's computer only to look at a two-three records. It too long also can be forbidden by a security policy. Specially for such situations the MyTetra Web Client Internet service is provided.

Briefly speaking, by means of the MyTetra Web Client service it is possible to get access to the MyTetra database quickly.


Sic! At 22.04.2013 start new analogy service MyTetra Share. This servise show known tree and notes as simply HTML page. Choose what you prefer.









Who can use it?


Any user of the MyTetra program, who storing the knowledge base on public open servers (for example, on GitHub.com) can use the MyTetra Web Client service. For work with MyTetra Web Client registration isn't required.



How it work?


Go to MyTetra Web Client page. Set direct URL to your RAW database file mytetra.xml. It is all!


For get direct url on GitHub.com, look this picture:



Attention! At simple copying of the reference from the RAW button, the reference won't work! It is necessary to press RAW, and to copy the received reference from an address line of the browser.


Incorrect URL:




Correct URL:





What is inside?


MyTetra Web Client — is the JavaScript-program working in a window of the browser, written with jQuery library use. Work is constructed on the AJAX inquiries passing through a special proxy gateway, located on a site WebHamster.ru. This proxy gateway provides interdomain interaction of AJAX inquiries and data received from storage. The proxy gateway works only with MyTetra data.



Supported browsers


Work of MyTetra Web Client is checked in browsers:

  • Opera 12
  • Firefox 14
  • Konqueror 4.4.5
  • Google Chrome 22
  • Internet Explorer 8


Versions history


0.17 - First public version of the client.



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