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MyTetra - smart manager for information collecting


Official page

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Desktop application


MyTetra is a full-featured, open source, cross-platform note manager (PIM-manager) used to collect and accumulate various kinds of information. All entries (notes, articles) are organized in a tree structure, as well as supplied with keywords tags that allow you to quickly find the right entries. Links between records, attachments, encryption, detailed search, synchronization, copying from the browser, one of the best visual WYSIWYG text editors - all this is in the PIM-manager MyTetra. It is powerful program for data memorization and structuring notes.


  • Infinite ramify tree for notes group
  • Arbitrary sorted notes at his branch
  • Arbitrary sorted branches at parent branch
  • Copy/Paste for notes and branches
  • Clickable tags
  • Customizable trash for recovery lost data
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Notes encryption by RC5-32/12/16 + PBKDF2
  • Synchronization over any cloud storage system or version control system (i.e. Git on GitHub.com)
  • History navigation
  • etc.


System requirements: Linux, Windows, Mac Os X, FreeBSD or MeeGo

Llicense: GPL v.3

Last actual version: 1.43.27 at 06.07.2018




Online clients


In addition to the Qt application, we have two Web client for view MyTetra data in browser. To use them it is necessary that the knowledge base stored in the public services, such as GitHub.com, BitBucket.org, etc.



  • MyTetra Share - service for show MyTetra notes as webpages in Internet. It works from 22.04.2013.
  • MyTetra Web Client - service for online view MyTetra notes in internet. It is one-page JavaScript application with an interface similar to the Qt-interface MyTetra. It works from 30.09.2012.







v.1.42 Full size


 v.1.26 Full size







MyTetra v.1.43 for Linux 64 bit (25 Mb) - build with all libraries


MyTetra v.1.43 for Windows (15 Mb) - build with all libraries


MyTetra v.1.43.27 Source (14 Mb)






Do you want to support this project? Please send your donations to the following addresses:


PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/SMStepanov

WMZ: Z586949314665
WMR: R855578576252
BTC: 13U5ZWfifBs1XDzJYRmwCjUqFqz3LEwPar
ETH: 0x5FB23243c77FAb8f13C46941c112cF5E9E8483A8

Thank you!






Sources of MyTetra is available on GitHub. Project page:




To obtain the latest relevant sources, create a directory and run in it the command:


git clone https://github.com/xintrea/mytetra_dev.git



We use two branches: master и experimental.


master - branch with stable source:




experimental - branch for development:





How to use synchronization in MyTetra


To synchronize, you can use any of cloud storage or any version control system. The main thing is that these systems maintain atomicity. The author has tested and recomendet used Git on GitHub.com.


To synchronize data, you simply synchronize the contents of the directory /data. To get path to directory /data, select "Tools" -> "Preferences" -> "Main" -> "Data directory" and click on the button with three dots [...].


First, create repository at GitHub, with name i.e. "mytetra". At console, enter to directory /data and type command to upload files to your GitHub repository:


git init

git add .

git commit -a -m "first commit"

git remote add origin git@github.com:username/mytetra.git

git push -u origin master


Next, select "Tools" -> "Preferences" -> "Synchro" and set syncro command:


For Linux:


cd %a ; git add . ; git commit -a -m MyTetraCommit ; git pull -s recursive ; git push


For Windows:


cd \ & cd "%a" & git add . & git commit -a -m MyTetraCommit & git pull -s recursive & git push


After these steps, you will have to work "back up data" to GitHub.com. Do not forget to pre-encrypt the items with private data: service GitHub keeps history of files.


Warning! At earlier in this command line was writed wrong option -X theirs. Please, remove this option from your synchro command line.


Next, install MyTetra to other computer. Find /data directory, and delete all from it. In /data directory run command:


git clone git@github.com:username/mytetra.git .


Run MyTetra, and next set synchro command (see up) to "Tools" -> "Preferences" -> "Synchro".



Localization and translation




Bad english on this page? Yes, it is. If you have a desire to help, send me to xintrea@gmail.com correct phrase.





Parlez-vous français? Vous voulez aider à traduire le programme en français? Écrivez-moi à xintrea@gmail.com, et je vais vous envoyer un fichier avec des phrases en anglais qui sont dans le MyTetra programme. Après la traduction de ces phrases, je vais les mettre dans MyTetra. Je vous remercie.



Old versions




MyTetra v.1.42 for Linux 32 bit (22 Mb) - build with all libraries


MyTetra v.1.42 for Linux 64 bit (23 Mb) - build with all libraries


MyTetra v.1.42 for Windows (19 Mb) - build with all libraries

Mac Os X build - in process


MyTetra v.1.42.2. Source (15,7 Mb)


MyTetra Fedora 23, 24, 25 Repo (Grechishkin Pavel)


Build for ArchLinux  (Cyberxndr)





MyTetra v.1.30 for Linux i386-i686 (7.5 Mb) - portable build with all library


MyTetra v.1.30 for Windows (7.9 Mb)


MyTetra v.1.30 for FreeBSD 8.2 (1.5 Mb) - before install Qt 4.7.3 from portage system


MyTetra v.1.30.1 for Mac Os X 10.6.8 x86-64 (10.7 Mb)


MyTetra for MeeGo - see below (scrool down)


MyTetra v.1.30.1 source (411 Kb) - see below to get actual source






MyTetra v.1.28 for Linux (7.3 Mb) - portable build with all library


MyTetra v.1.28 for Windows (7.0 Mb)


MyTetra v.1.28 for Mac Os X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 x86-64 (15.6 Mb)


MyTetra for MeeGo - see below (scrool down)


MyTetra v.1.28 source (332 Kb)





MyTetra v.1.26 for Linux ( 6.5 Mb ) - portable build with all library


MyTetra v.1.26 for Windows ( 6.9 Mb )


MyTetra v.1.26 source ( 140 Kb )



MyTetra for MeeGo


Yes! Now MyTetra available for MeeGo.


MyTetra: Omnia mea mecum porto


MeeGo screenshot


Screenshot from VirtualBox machine:


Full size




MeeGo download


MyTetra v.1.30.1 for MeeGo v.1.1 (5.3 Mb) - RPM package


MyTetra v.1.28.3 for MeeGo v.1.1 (4.3 Mb) - RPM package


MyTetra v.1.27 (beta) for MeeGo v.1.1 (4.3 Mb) - ZIP archive with testing version


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