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VB.NET Tutorial and source code
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VB.NET Tutorial and source code

VB.Net Tutorial

VB.NET is an update to Visual Basic that targets Microsofts .NET Framework. VB.NET has a lot of similarities to Visual Basic but also some differences. VB.NET is an object-oriented language, which supports the abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism features. It is the most productive tool for rapidly creating a wide range of Windows, Web, Mobile, and Office applications built on the .NET Framework.

.Net Framework

The Visual Basic language is designed to be human readable and accessible to everyone from novice programmers to advanced system architects. All of this is built on top of the .NET Framework, which guarantees that programs written in Visual Basic run with unsurpassed scalability and reliability. The .NET Framework provides VB.Net programmers with the ability to create fully object oriented programs (OOPs), just like the ones created using Java, C# or C++. Also programs written in VB.Net will interoperate seamlessly with programs written in any other .NET languages such as Visual C#, Visual J#, or Visual C++.

Visual Studio

Many programmers says VB.Nets ease of use as the key to its success. Using VB.NET, you can create a wide variety of applications, such as a Console Applications, that displays its output in an MS-DOS-like window, Windows Applications that often displays a form-based interface, Web Applications, Web Services, Mobile Applications etc. I hope this site will help you to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to develop various types of applications in VB.NET in a simplified manner rather than in a complex way.

 Microsoft .Net Framework Tutorials
  • What is Microsoft .Net Framework
  • what are the functions of microsoft .net framework?
  • Common Language Runtime in .Net Framework
  • How to Common Language Runtime
  • What is .Net Framework Class Library
  • What is Common Language Specification
  • What is Common Type System
  • What is Microsoft Intermediate Language
  • What is Portable Executable (PE) File Format
  • What is Microsoft Just In Time Compiler
  • How to Managed Code - Microsoft .Net Framework
  • What is .Net Framework Metadata
  • what is .Net Framework Assembly
  • What is Assembly Manifest
  • What is Global Assembly Cache
  • What is a .Net Satellite Assembly?
  • What are the contents of an Assembly?
  • How to Private Assembly and Shared Assembly
  • What is Microsoft .Net Strong Name
  • What is .Net Namespaces
  • What is Application Domain
  • What is Code Access Security
  • What is Garbage Collection
  • .Net Threads

 VB.NET Language Basics Tutorials
  • VB.NET data types
  • VB.NET Implicit conversion and Explicit Conversion
  • VB.NET Access Specifiers
  • VB.NET Exceptions
  • VB.NET Option Explicit
  • VB.NET Option Strict
  • VB.NET On Error
  • How to find date difference in VB.NET
  • How to CultureInfo in VB.NET

 VB.NET Program Flow Control Tutorials
  • How to use IF ELSE END IF in VB.NET
  • How to use FOR NEXT loop in
  • How to use FOR EACH loop in VB.NET
  • How to use While End While loop
  • How to use Enum in

 VB.Net Graphical User Interface
  • Visual Studio IDE
  • How to Create a Windows Forms Application
  • Label Control
  • Button Control
  • TextBox Control
  • ComboBox Control
  • ListBox Control
  • Checked ListBox Control
  • RadioButton Control
  • CheckBox Control
  • PictureBox Control
  • ProgressBar Control
  • ScrollBars Control
  • DateTimePicker Control
  • Treeview Control
  • ListView Control
  • Menu Control
  • MDI Form
  • Color Dialog Box
  • Font Dialog Box
  • OpenFile Dialog Box
  • Print Dialog Box
  • KeyPress event in VB.NET
  • How to create Dynamic Controls in VB.NET ?
  • How do i keep a form on top of others
  • Timer Control - VB.Net

 VB.NET Collections Tutorials
  • How to use VB.NET ArrayList
  • How to use VB.NET HashTable
  • How to use VB.NET Stack
  • How to use VB.NET Queue
  • How to use VB.NET Arrays
  • How to use VB.NET Dyanamic Arrays
  • How to use VB.NET NameValueCollection
  • How to use VB.NET List
  • VB.Net Dictionary example

 VB.NET String Tutorials
  • How to String Length()
  • How to String Insert()
  • How to String IndexOf()
  • How to String Format()
  • How to String Equals()
  • How to String CopyTo()
  • How to String Copy()
  • How to String Contains()
  • How to String Compare()
  • How to String Clone()
  • How to String Chars()
  • How to String substring()
  • How to String Split()
  • How to String EndsWith()
  • How to String Concat()
  • How to VB.NET String Null

 VB.NET Files Tutorials
  • How to VB.NET Directory operations
  • How to VB.NET File operations
  • How to VB.NET FileStream
  • How to VB.NET TextReader
  • How to VB.NET Simple TextReader
  • How to VB.NET TextWriter
  • How to VB.NET BinaryReader
  • How to VB.NET BinaryWriter
  • How to convert xps file to bmp file
  • How to VB.Net Path Class
  • How to create PDF files in
  • How to convert text file to pdf
  • Write database to PDF file

 VB.Net Excel Automation
  • How to create an Excel file in VB.NET
  • How to open or read an existing Excel file in VB.NET
  • How to read an Excel file using VB.Net
  • Add new worksheet in Excel file - VB.Net
  • Delete worksheet from an excel file - VB.Net
  • How to Format Excel Page in VB.NET
  • How to insert a Picture in Excel through programing on VB.NET
  • How to insert a background Picture in Excel through VB.NET
  • How to create a Chart in Excel in VB.NET
  • How to export a Chart in Excel as Picture file from VB.NET
  • How to Excel Chart in VB.NET Picture Box
  • How to Excel DataBar in VB.NET
  • How to Excel Data Validation Input Message
  • Read and Import Excel File into DataSet or DataTable in
  • How to insert cell data in an Excel file using OLEDB
  • How to update cell data in an Excel file using OLEDB
  • How to export from database to excel
  • How to export from DataGridView to excel

 VB.NET Crystal Reports Tutorials
  • Sample Database and tables for Crystal Reports tutorials
  • Step by Step help for creating a simple Crystal Reports in VB.NET
  • VB.NET Crystal Reports from multiple tables
  • VB.NET Crystal Reports String parameter
  • VB.NET Crystal Reports Integer parameter
  • VB.NET Crystal Reports Date parameter
  • VB.NET Crystal Report Load Dynamically
  • VB.NET Crystal Reports Formula Fields
  • VB.NET Crystal Reports Summary Fields
  • VB.NET Crystal Reports Export to PDF
  • VB.NET Crystal Reports Export to Excel
  • Email a Crystal Reports from VB.NET
  • Crystal Reports Without Database
  • Crystal Report from SQL Query String
  • Dynamic Crystal Reports from SQL Query String
  • Crystal Reports from XML File
  • Create a Subreport in Crystal Reports
  • Create a Subreport in Crystal Reports with Link
  • How to deploy Crystal Reports on Clinet Machine
  • How to create Crystal Reports installer using Merge Modules

 VB.NET Communications Tutorial
  • How to send email from VB.NET
  • VB.NET Send email using CDOSYS
  • How to find IP Address of Host
  • How to read a URL Content
  • VB.NET Socket Programming
  • VB.NET Server Socket Program
  • VB.NET Client Socket Program
  • VB.NET MultiThreaded Socket Programming
  • VB.NET MultiThreaded Server Socket Programming
  • VB.NET MultiThreaded Client Socket Programming
  • VB.NET Chat Server Program
  • VB.NET Chat Server
  • VB.NET Chat Client
  • VB.NET Email Attachment
  • How to VB.Net Web Browser

 VB.NET ADO.NET Tutorial
  • ADO.NET Architecture Help and Tutorial
  • Advantages of ADO.Net over ADO
  • Connected and Disconnected Data Access Architecture
  • ADO.NET ConnectionStrings
  • ADO.NET Data Providers

 ADO.NET Data Providers Tutorial
  • ADO.NET Connection Object
  • ADO.NET SQL Server Connection
  • ADO.NET OLEDB Connection
  • ADO.NET ODBC Connection
  • ADO.NET Command
  • ADO.NET ExecuteNonQuery in SqlCommand Object
  • ADO.NET ExecuteNonQuery in OleDbCommand Object
  • ADO.NET ExecuteScalar in SqlCommand Object
  • ADO.NET ExecuteScalar in OleDbCommand Object
  • ADO.NET ExecuteReader in SqlCommand Object
  • ADO.NET ExecuteReader in OleDbCommand Object
  • How to ADO.NET DataReader
  • How to ADO.NET SqlDataReader
  • How to ADO.NET OleDbDataReader
  • How to Multiple Result Sets in ADO.NET
  • Getting Schema Informations from SqlDataReader
  • Getting Schema Informations from OleDbDataReader
  • What is DataAdapter
  • What is SqlDataAdapter
  • What is OleDbDataAdapter
  • Vb.NET ExecuteReader and ExecuteNonQuery

 VB.NET ADO.NET Dataset Tutorial
  • What is ADO.NET Dataset
  • How to Dataset with Sql Server
  • How to Dataset with OLEDB Data Source
  • Search Tables in a Dataset Sql Server
  • Search Tables in a Dataset OLEDB Data Source
  • Dataset table row count in SQL Server
  • Dataset table row count - OLEDB Data Source
  • How to find column definition - Sql Server
  • How to find column definition - OLEDB Data Source
  • How to create DataSet without Databse
  • How to multiple tables in Dataset - Sql Server
  • How to multiple tables in Dataset - OLEDB Data Source
  • How to add relations between tables in a Dataset
  • How to merge tables in a Dataset - Sql Server
  • How to merge tables in a Dataset - OLEDB Data Source
  • How to populate a combo box from a dataset in VB.Net , binding combobox with enum values , binding combobox with dictionary values
  • how many tables exist in a database - VB.NET

 ADO.NET DataAdapter and Dataset
  • Dataadapter with dataset - sql sever
  • Dataadapter with dataset - OLEDB Data Source
  • Dataadapter SelectCommand - Sql Server
  • Dataadapter SelectCommand - OLEDB Data Source
  • Dataadapter InsertCommand - Sql Server
  • Dataadapter InsertCommand - OLEDB Data Source
  • Dataadapter UpdateCommand - Sql Server
  • Dataadapter UpdateCommand - OLEDB Data Source
  • Dataadapter DeleteCommand - Sql Server
  • Dataadapter DeleteCommand - OLEDB Data Source
  • Dataadapter with CommandBuilder - Sql Server
  • Dataadapter with CommandBuilder - OLEDB
  • Dataadapter with DataGridView - Sql Server
  • Dataadapter with DataGridView - OLEDB

 VB.NET ADO.NET DataView Tutorial
  • How to create a DataView
  • How to Sort DataView
  • How to Filter DataView
  • How to Find a rows in DataView
  • How to add new rows in DataView
  • How to update rows in DataView
  • How to delete rows in DataView
  • How to create a new DataTable from DataView

 VB.NET Remoting Tutorial
  • .Net Remoting Architecture
  • VB.Net Remoting Application
  • VB.Net Remotable Type
  • VB.Net Remote Listener Application
  • VB.Net Remote Client Application
  • Compiling and Running Remote Application
  • VB.NET Remoting Configurations
  • VB.NET Remoting Activation
  • VB.NET Remoting Channel
  • VB.NET Remoting Formatters

 VB.NET XML Tutorial
  • How to XML in VB.NET
  • How to create an XML file in VB.NET
  • How to open and read XML file in VB.NET , XmlReader in VB.Net , XmlTextReader in VB.Net
  • How to create an XML file in VB.NET using Dataset
  • How to open and read an XML file in VB.NET using Dataset
  • How to create an XML file from SQL in VB.NET
  • How to search in an XML file
  • How to filter data in an XML file
  • How to insert data from xml to database
  • How to create an Excel file from XML
  • How to create an XML file from Excel
  • How to xml to DataGridView
  • How to create a TreevView from XML
  • How to create Crystal Reports from XML
  • How to serialization in xml
  • How to serialize a .Net Object to XML
  • How to de-serialize from an XML file to .Net Object

 VB.NET DataGridView Tutorial
  • VB.NET DataGridView binding - Sql Server
  • DataGridView binding - OLEDB in VB.NET
  • DataGridView Sorting/Filtering in VB.NET
  • DataGridView adding rows and columns in VB.NET
  • DataGridView hiding rows and columns in VB.NET
  • DataGridView ReadOnly rows and columns in VB.NET
  • Adding Button to DataGridView in VB.NET
  • Adding CheckBox to DataGridView in VB.NET
  • Adding ComboBox to DataGridView in VB.NET
  • Adding Image to DataGridView in VB.NET
  • Adding ViewLink to DataGridView in VB.NET
  • How to Paging in DataGridView
  • How to Formatting in DataGridView
  • How to DataGridView Template
  • How to DataGridView Printing
  • How to Export datagridview to Excel
  • How to Import data from Excel to DataGridView
  • Database operations in DatagridView
  • Delete row from datagridview by Right click
  • DataGridView Autocomplete TextBox in VB.Net

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