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FieldInfo Array(Array())
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Dim varArray(1 To 16384) As Variant

For i = 1 To 16384 ''Max number of columns as of excel 2007

varArray(i) = Array(i, 2)

Next i

Workbooks.OpenText Filename:=sFileName, _

DataType:=xlDelimited, TextQualifier:=xlDoubleQuote, Comma:=True, _



FieldInfo - просто 2-размерный массив. Прилагаю что я когда-то записал в свою записную книжку

*OPenText NOtes

*expression.OpenText(Filename, Origin, StartRow, DataType, TextQualifier, ConsecutiveDelimiter, Tab, Semicolon, Comma, Space, Other, OtherChar, FieldInfo),

*where only one parameter requered, Filename

*, Message# 702641

oExcel.Workbooks.OpenText(lcSemiColonFile,,,xlDelimited,,,,.T.,,,,, @arrFldSemicolonInfo)

*If you know the format of fields create an array defining it,

* otherwisee do not pass field info array.


*Field info array is two dimensional where first defines the column order and second formatting. ie:

*If you would export 10 columns where 5,6th columns are date type and you want them as MDY (rest text):

*#DEFINE xlDelimited 1

*#DEFINE xlFixedWidth 2

*#DEFINE xlGeneralFormat 1

*#DEFINE xlTextFormat 2

*#DEFINE xlMDYFormat 3

*#DEFINE xlDMYFormat 4

*#DEFINE xlYMDFormat 5

*#DEFINE xlMYDFormat 6

*#DEFINE xlDYMFormat 7

*#DEFINE xlYDMFormat 8

*#DEFINE xlSkipColumn 9

*#DEFINE xlEMDFormat 10

dimension arrFldSemicolonInfo[10,2]

for ix=1 to 10






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