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Real name is Kakuta Teruo and is married to shoujo and yaoi mangaka Sachiko Yamada, who's pen names are TORI Maia and MARITO Ai.

Besides the obvious connotations in English, his penname "Kondom" has another meaning: The first kanji in his name reads as "kon", the second reads as "dou", and the third reads as "mushi", or "mu". The first and third kanji together means "insect".

A Story from the Manga World 2006

Bondage Fairies 1990

Fairie Clinic (Bondage Fairies Extreme) 1994

Fairies Fetish 1993

Hontou wa Eroi Otogibanashi 2005

The New Bondage Fairies 1990

+ Bondage Fairies Sannin Shimai (2006).

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