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Тема: do you know how to find north in mining?

you can use north finder
for more info :https://www.ericcointernational.com/application-case/fog-north-finder-for-mining.html
Mine north finder is based on three-axis integrated fiber optic gyro and three-axis accelerometer, which can complete the initial alignment, attitude maintenance function, real-time output carrier attitude reference value.

The invention is a method for measuring the attitude of a downhole drilling machine. It is fixed on the track of the rig propeller. After starting work, the angular velocity of the sensitive rotational motion and the acceleration of the translational motion are solved in the posture of the processor to obtain the attitude of the rig. Then, the inertial measurement system continuously measures the current rig’s current position. Attitude until the end of the measurement. The invention can automatically and quickly and accurately measure and display the posture information of the downhole drilling rig without relying on the external information by means of the external information.

This North Finder is specially developed for coal mines. It reduces the cost of using the North Finder and has stable performance. Many companies have a strong interest in it and express their intention to cooperate with us.