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Ambush and Weaponchange
/cast Ambush(rank 6)

/script PickupContainerItem (x, y)

/script PickupInventoryItem (16)

/script PickupContainerItem (x, y)

/script PickupInventoryItem (17)

/script AttackTarget();

x = The bag
y = The slot of the bag

Nearest target Sap

/script ClearTarget()

/script TargetNearestEnemyPlayer()

/cast sap

Cheap Shot Without Damage

/script CastSpellByName("Cheap Shot ()")

/script StopAttack();


/script if IsCurrentAction(14) then UseAction(14) end;

Sap mouseover

/run c=CastSpellByName s="Sap" if UnitExists("mouseover", "enemy") then TargetUnit("mouseover") c(s) TargetLastTarget() else c(s) end;

Sap player after Stealth

/script if not IsCurrentAction(14) then CastSpellByName("Stealth") else TargetNearestEnemyPlayer() CastSpellByName("Sap") end;

Twink Talent Builds:

From Donkeepunch:
Dagger ambush/backstab spec.

2/2 Improved Sinister Strike
3/3 Improved Gouge
3/3 Improved Backstab

5/5 Master of Deception
5/5 Oppurtunity
2/3 Improved Ambush

Swords crit/spam SS spec.

5/5 Malic
2/3 Improved Eviscerate
3/3 Ruthlessness
1/1 Relentless Strike
5/5 Lethality

2/2 Improved Sinister Strike
2/3 Improved Gouge

Swords combat spec.

2/2 Improved Sinister Strike
3/3 Improved Gouge
5/5 Precision
5/5 Deflection
1/1 Riposte
4/5 Dual Wield Specialization

Dagger combat spec.

2/2 Improved Sinister Strike
3/3 Improved Gouge
1/5 Precision
5/5 Deflection
1/1 Riposte
5/5 Dagger Specialization


Head: Pathfinder Hat of Agility / the Monkey [+100hp/+8agi]
Neck: River Pride Choker (WSG necklace)
Shoulders: Watchmens Pauldrons / Forest Tracker Epaulets / Mantle of Thieves
Back: Tigerstrike Mantle [+5resists/70arm/+dodge/+stealth]
Chest: Raptor Hunter Tunic [+100hp/+4stats]
Wrists: Barbaric Bracers (Emissary Cuffs of Agility / the Monkey) [+9 sta]
Hands: Wolfclaw Gloves [+15agi]
Waist: Ghostwalker Belt of Agility / the Monkey
Legs: Triprunner Dungarees / Panther Hunter Leggings [+100hp/+8agi]
Feet: Harbinger Boots / Warsong Boots [+speed]
Main Hand: The Butcher / Zealot Blade / Toxic Revenger / Claw of the Shadowmancer[Lifestealing/+15agi]
Off Hand: Zealot Blade / Outlaw Sabre / Torturing Poker / Vendetta (WSG swords / WSG Daggers) [+15agi]
Ranged: Nightstalker Bow [+2dmg]
Ring: Seal of Sylvanus / Plains Ring
Ring: Basalt Ring of Monkey / agility (WSG Ring)

- Basically the same options as with the hunter; you can go all out +agi or you can have a balanced mix between +agi and +sta. I personally recommend you make sure you have plenty of +sta, because although its nice to deal large amounts of dmg, surviving is (funnily enough) rather important.
- For your weapons you have a nice selection depending on whether your a sword, dagger/sword or dagger rogue. Torturing poker has the best dps for dagger and Zealot Blade has best dps for sword, The Butcher is a main hand weapon and has +agi so a butcher/zealot is good for sword rogues, outlaw blade needs consideration too however(for horde).
- For the weapon enchants i would advise lifestealing on main hand and +agi on off, but its up to you, get dual +agi or +dmg or even crusader if you like.
- Again, Emissary cuffs if you can.

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