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Drag & Drop methods
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OnEnter(x, y, dragResult) This is called when a drag object enters the window. The

dragResult value returned from this method sets the

custom cursor to provide feedback to the user

(wx.DragCancel, wx.DragCopy, and so on).

OnDragOver(x, y,


This is called while the object is dragged over the

window. It returns a dragResult to give visual



This is called when the drag object leaves the window.

OnDrop(x, y)

This is called when the drag object is dropped in the

window. This method should return True if the data is


OnData(x, y, dragResult)

This is called after the data is accepted in OnDrop. The

dropped data object is contained in drop targets data

object (refer to GetDataObject). This should then

typically just return the default passed in dragResult.

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