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DataTypes Clipboard
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Both functions work by creating TextDataObject, which provides a platform-independent

way to represent the systems' native data format. Then, TheClipboard object is opened,

and it is used to either get data from the clipboard of the given type or put data in the

clipboard from the application. This can be boiled down to a simple three step process for any

clipboard interaction:

1. Open clipboard

2. Set or get DataObject

3. Close the clipboard

Closing the clipboard after using is very important; it may prevent other processes from

accessing it. The clipboard should only be kept open momentarily.

There's more…

The clipboard supports many other datatypes besides plain text, which can be used based on

the situation and needs of the application.




This is a bitmap data from the clipboard (drag and drop)


This is a base class to represent application-specific data


This is a base class to create other data object types


This is a base class to support multiple formats


This is the data object for filenames


This is the HTML-formatted text container


This is the URL container data object

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