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Для чтение кириллицы в начале файла пишем:

FileEncoding, UTF-8 ; задаем кодировку для чтения из файла

FileEncoding [, Encoding]


Encoding can be one of the following values:

  • UTF-8: Unicode UTF-8, equivalent to CP65001.
  • UTF-16: Unicode UTF-16 with little endian byte order, equivalent to CP1200.
  • UTF-8-RAW or UTF-16-RAW: As above, but no byte order mark is written when a new file is created.
  • CPnnn: a code page with numeric identifier nnn. See Code Page Identifiers.
  • Empty or omitted: the system default ANSI code page, which is also the default setting.


A_FileEncoding contains the current setting.

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