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Select a random item from an array
Время создания: 24.08.2015 16:59
Раздел: root - Linux - Console - bash
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# Array with expressions
expressions=("Ploink Poink" "I Need Oil" "Some Bytes are Missing!" "Poink Poink" "Piiiip Beeeep!!" "Hello" "Whoops! I'm out of memmory!")

# Seed random generator
RANDOM=$$$(date +%s)

# Loop loop loop loop loop loop ...
while [ 1 ]
    # Get random expression...
    selectedexpression=${expressions[$RANDOM % ${#expressions[@]} ]}

    # Write to Shell
    echo $selectedexpression

    # Wait an half hour
    sleep 1 # It's one second for debugging, dear SOers

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