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How to interpolate variables in strings in JavaScript, without concatenation?
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Starting from Firefox 34 / Chrome 41 / Safari 9 / Microsoft Edge you can use an ES2015 / ES6 feature called Template Literals and use this syntax:

`String text ${expression}`

Template literals are enclosed by the back-tick (` `) (grave accent) instead of double or single quotes.


var a = 5;

var b = 10;

console.log(`Fifteen is ${a + b}.`);

// "Fifteen is 15.

How neat is that?


It also allows for multi-line strings in javascript without escaping, which is great for templates:

return `

<div class="${foo}">




Browser support:

As this syntax is not supported by older browsers (Internet Explorer and Safari <= 8), you may want to use Babel to transpile your code into ES5 to ensure it will run everywhere.

Side note:

Starting from IE8+ you can use basic string formatting inside console.log:

console.log('%s is %d.', 'Fifteen', 15);

// Fifteen is 15.

Don't miss the fact that the template string is delimited with back ticks (`) instead of your normal quote characters. "${foo}" is literally ${foo} `${foo}` is what you actually want

Also there are many transpilers to turn ES6 into ES5 to fixed the compatibility issue!

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