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Awesome PHP 

A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things.


Please see CONTRIBUTING  and CODE-OF-CONDUCT  for details.

Table of Contents

  • Awesome PHP
    • Dependency Management
    • Dependency Management Extras
    • Frameworks
    • Framework Extras
    • Components
    • Micro Frameworks
    • Micro Framework Extras
    • Routers
    • Templating
    • Static Site Generators
    • HTTP
    • Middlewares
    • URL
    • Email
    • Files
    • Streams
    • Dependency Injection
    • Imagery
    • Testing
    • Continuous Integration
    • Documentation
    • Security
    • Passwords
    • Code Analysis
    • Architectural
    • Debugging and Profiling
    • Build Tools
    • Task Runners
    • Navigation
    • Asset Management
    • Geolocation
    • Date and Time
    • Event
    • Logging
    • E-commerce
    • PDF
    • Office
    • Database
    • Migrations
    • NoSQL
    • Queue
    • Search
    • Command Line
    • Authentication and Authorization
    • Markup
    • Strings
    • Numbers
    • Filtering and Validation
    • API
    • Caching
    • Data Structure and Storage
    • Notifications
    • Deployment
    • Internationalisation and Localisation
    • Third Party APIs
    • Extensions
    • Miscellaneous
  • Software
    • PHP Installation
    • Development Environment
    • Virtual Machines
    • Integrated Development Environment
    • Web Applications
    • Infrastructure
  • Resources
    • PHP Websites
    • Other Websites
    • PHP Books
    • PHP Videos
    • PHP Podcasts
    • PHP Reading
    • PHP Internals Reading
  • Contributing

Dependency Management

Libraries for dependency and package management.

  • Composer Installers  - A multi framework Composer library installer.
  • Composer /Packagist  - A package and dependency manager.
  • Melody  - A tool to build one file Composer scripts.
  • Pickle  - A PHP extension installer.

Dependency Management Extras

Extras related to dependency management.

  • Composed  - A library to parse your project's Composer environment at runtime.
  • Composer Checker  - A tool to validate Composer configurations.
  • Composer Merge Plugin  - A composer plugin to merge several composer.json files.
  • Composition  - A library to check your Composer environment at runtime.
  • NameSpacer  - A library to convert from underscores to namespaces.
  • Patch Installer  - A library to install patches using Composer.
  • Prestissimo  - A composer plugin which enables parallel install process.
  • Satis  - A static Composer repository generator.
  • tooly  - A library to manage PHAR files in project using Composer.
  • Toran Proxy  - A static Composer repository and proxy.


Web development frameworks.

  • Aura Framework  - A framework built from independent components.
  • CakePHP  - A rapid application development framework (CP).
  • Laravel 5  - Another PHP framework (L5).
  • Nette  - Another framework comprised of individual components.
  • Phalcon  - A framework implemented as a C extension.
  • PPI Framework 2  - An interoperability framework.
  • Symfony  - A framework comprised of individual components (SF).
  • Yii2  - Another PHP framework.
  • Zend Framework 2  - Another framework comprised of individual components (ZF2).
  • Ice  - Another simple and fast PHP framework delivered as C-extension.

Framework Extras

Extras related to web development frameworks.

  • CakePHP CRUD  - A Rapid Application Development (RAD) plugin for CakePHP.
  • Knp RAD Bundle  - A Rapid Application Development (RAD) bundle for Symfony.
  • Symfony CMF  - A Content Management Framework to create custom CMS.


Standalone components from web development frameworks and development groups.

  • Aura  - Independent components, fully decoupled from each other and from any framework.
  • CakePHP Plugins  - A directory of CakePHP plugins.
  • Hoa Project  - Another package of PHP components.
  • League of Extraordinary Packages  - A PHP package development group.
  • Symfony Components  - The components that make Symfony.
  • Zend Framework 2 Components  - The components that make Zend Framework.

Micro Frameworks

Micro frameworks and routers.

  • Bullet PHP  - A micro framework for building REST APIs.
  • Lumen  - A micro-framework by Laravel.
  • Proton  - A StackPHP compatible micro framework.
  • Radar  - An Action-Domain-Responder implementation for PHP.
  • Silex  - A micro framework built around Symfony components.
  • Slim  - Another simple micro framework.

Micro Framework Extras

Extras related to micro frameworks and routers.

  • Silex Skeleton  - A project skeleton for Silex.
  • Silex Web Profiler  - A web debug toolbar for Silex.
  • Slim Skeleton  - A skeleton for Slim.
  • Slim View  - A collection of custom views for Slim.


Libraries for handling application routing.

  • Aura.Router  - A full-featured routing library.
  • Fast Route  - A fast routing library.
  • Klein  - A flexible router.
  • Pux  - Another fast routing library.
  • Route  - A routing library built on top of Fast Route.


Libraries and tools for templating and lexing.

  • Aura.View  - Provides TemplateView and TwoStepView using PHP as the tempting language, with support for partials, sections, and helpers.
  • Foil  - Another native PHP templating library.
  • Lex  - A lightweight template parser.
  • MtHaml  - A PHP implementation of the HAML template language.
  • Mustache  - A PHP implementation of the Mustache template language.
  • Phly Mustache  - Another PHP implementation of the Mustache template language.
  • PHPTAL  - A PHP implementation of the TAL  templating language.
  • Plates  - A native PHP templating library.
  • Smarty  - A template engine to complement PHP.
  • Twig  - A comprehensive templating language.
  • Tale Jade  - A PHP implementation of the Jade template language.

Static Site Generators

Tools for pre-processing content to generate web pages.

  • Couscous  - Couscous turns Markdown documentation into beautiful websites. It's GitHub Pages on steroids.
  • Phrozn  - Another tool that converts Textile, Markdown and Twig into HTML.
  • Sculpin  - A tool that converts Markdown and Twig into static HTML.
  • Spress  - An extensible tool that converts Markdown and Twig into HTML.


Libraries for working with HTTP.

  • Buzz  - Another HTTP client.
  • Guzzle  - A comprehensive HTTP client.
  • HTTPFul  - A chainable HTTP client.
  • PHP VCR  - A library for recording and replaying HTTP requests.
  • Requests  - A simple HTTP library.
  • Retrofit  - A library to ease creation of REST API clients.
  • zend-diactoros  - PSR-7 HTTP Message implementation.


Libraries for scraping websites.

  • Embed  - An information extractor from any web service or page.
  • Goutte  - A simple web scraper.
  • PHP Spider  - A configurable and extensible PHP web spider.


Libraries for building application using middlewares.

  • Expressive  - PSR-7 Middleware framework from Zend.
  • PSR7-Middlewares  - Inspiring collection of handy middlewares.
  • Relay  - A PHP 5.5 PSR-7 middleware dispatcher.
  • Stack  - A library of stackable middleware for Silex/Symfony.
  • zend-stratigility  - Middleware for PHP built on top of PSR-7.


Libraries for parsing URLs.

  • PHP Domain Parser  - A domain suffix parser library.
  • Purl  - A URL manipulation library.
  • sabre/uri  - A functional URI manipulation library.
  • Uri  - Another URL manipulation library.


Libraries for sending and parsing email.

  • CssToInlineStyles  - A library to inline CSS in email templates.
  • Email Reply Parser  - An email reply parser library.
  • Email Validator  - A small email address validation library.
  • Fetch  - An IMAP library.
  • Mautic  - Email marketing automation
  • PHPMailer  - Another mailer solution.
  • Stampie  - A library for email services such as SendGrid PostMark MailGun  and Mandrill .
  • SwiftMailer  - A mailer solution.


Libraries for file manipulation and MIME type detection.

  • Apache MIME Types  - A library that parses Apache MIME types.
  • Canal  - A library to determine internet media types.
  • CSV  - A CSV data manipulation library.
  • Ferret  - A MIME detection library.
  • Flysystem  - Another filesystem abstraction layer.
  • Gaufrette  - A filesystem abstraction layer.
  • Hoa Mime  - Another MIME detection library.
  • Lurker  - A resource tracking library.
  • PHP FFmpeg  - A wrapper for the FFmpeg  video library.
  • UnifiedArchive  - A unified reader and writer of compressed archives.


Libraries for working with streams.

  • Streamer  - A simple object-orientated stream wrapper library.

Dependency Injection

Libraries that implement the dependency injection design pattern.

  • Aura.Di  - A serializable dependency injection container with constructor and setter injection, interface and trait awareness, configuration inheritance, and much more.
  • Acclimate  - A common interface to dependency injection containers and service locators.
  • Auryn  - A recursive dependency injector.
  • Container  - Another flexible dependency injection container.
  • Disco  - A PSR-11 compatible, annotation-based dependency injection container.
  • PHP-DI  - A dependency injection container that supports autowiring.
  • Pimple  - A tiny dependency injection container.
  • Symfony DI  - A dependency injection container component (SF).


Libraries for manipulating images.

  • Color Extractor  - A library for extracting colours from images.
  • GIF Creator  - A library to create GIF animations from multiple images.
  • GIF Frame Extractor  - A library to extract GIF animation frame information.
  • Glide  - An on-demand image manipulation library.
  • Image Hash  - A library for generating perceptual image hashes.
  • Image Optimizer  - A library for optimizing images.
  • Image With Text  - A library for embedding text into images.
  • Imagine  - An image manipulation library.
  • Intervention Image  - Another image manipulation library.
  • PHP Image Workshop  - Another image manipulation library.


Libraries for testing codebases and generating test data.

  • Alice  - An expressive fixture generation library.
  • AspectMock  - A mocking framework for PHPUnit/Codeception.
  • Atoum  - A simple testing library.
  • Behat  - A behaviour driven development (BDD) testing framework.
  • Codeception  - A full stack testing framework.
  • DBUnit  - A database testing library for PHPUnit.
  • Faker  - A fake data generator library.
  • HTTP Mock  - A library for mocking HTTP requests in unit tests.
  • Kahlan  - Full stack Unit/BDD testing framework with built-in stub, mock and code-coverage support.
  • Mink  - Web acceptance testing.
  • Mockery  - A mock object library for testing.
  • ParaTest  - A parallel testing library for PHPUnit.
  • Peridot  - An event driven test framework.
  • Phake  - Another mock object library for testing.
  • Pho  - Another behaviour driven development testing framework.
  • PHP-Mock  - A mock library for built-in PHP functions (e.g. time()).
  • PHPSpec  - A design by specification unit testing library.
  • PHPT  - A test tool used by PHP itself.
  • PHPUnit  - A unit testing framework.
  • Prophecy  - A highly opinionated mocking framework.
  • Samsui  - Another fake data generator library.
  • VFS Stream  - A virtual filesystem stream wrapper for testing.
  • VFS  - Another virtual filesystem for testing.

Continuous Integration

Libraries and applications for continuous integration.

  • CircleCI  - A continuous integration platform.
  • GitlabCi  - Let GitLab CI test, build, deploy your code. TravisCi like.
  • Jenkins  - A continous integration platform with PHP support .
  • JoliCi  - A continuous integration client written in PHP and powered by Docker.
  • PHPCI  - An open source continuous integration platform for PHP.
  • SemaphoreCI  - A continuous integration platform for open source and private projects.
  • Shippable  - A docker based continious integration platform for open source and private projects.
  • Sismo  - A continuous testing server library.
  • Travis CI  - A continuous integration platform.
  • Wercker  - A continuous integration platform


Libraries for generating project documentation.

  • APIGen  - Another API documentation generator.
  •  - A documentation generator which uses Markdown files.
  • PHP Documentor 2  - A documentation generator.
  • phpDox  - A documentation generator for PHP projects (that is not limited to API documentation).
  • Sami  - An API documentation generator.


Libraries for generating secure random numbers, encrypting data and scanning for vulnerabilities.

  • Halite  - A simple library for encryption using libsodium .
  • HTML Purifier  - A standards compliant HTML filter.
  • IniScan  - A tool that scans PHP INI files for security.
  • Optimus  - Id obfuscation based on Knuth's multiplicative hashing method.
  • PHP Encryption  - Secure PHP Encryption Library.
  • PHP IDS  - A structured PHP security layer.
  • PHP SSH  - An experimental object orientated SSH wrapper library.
  • PHPSecLib  - A pure PHP secure communications library.
  • RandomLib  - A library for generating random numbers and strings.
  • SecurityMultiTool  - A PHP security library.
  • SensioLabs Security Check  - A web tool to check your Composer dependencies for security advisories.
  • TCrypto  - A simple encrypted key-value storage library.
  • True Random  - A library that generates random numbers using .
  • VAddy  - A continuous security testing platform for web applications.
  • Zed  - An integrated penetration testing tool for web applications.


Libraries and tools for working with and storing passwords.

  • GenPhrase  - A library for generating secure random passphrases.
  • Password Compat  - A compatibility library for the new PHP 5.5 password functions.
  • Password Policy  - A password policy library for PHP and JavaScript.
  • Password Validator  - A library for validating and upgrading password hashes.
  • Password-Generator  - PHP library to generate random passwords.
  • PHP Password Lib  - A library for generating and validating passwords.
  • phpass  - A portable password hashing framework.
  • Zxcvbn PHP  - A realistic PHP password strength estimate library based on Zxcvbn JS.

Code Analysis

Libraries and tools for analysing, parsing and manipulating codebases.

  • Athletic  - An annotation based benchmark framework.
  • Better Reflection  - AST-based reflection library that allows analysis and manipulation of code
  • Code Climate  - An automated code review.
  • Dissect  - A set of tools for lexical and syntactical analysis.
  • Exakat  - A static analysis engine for PHP.
  • GrumPHP  - A composer plugin to defend code quality.
  • Mondrian  - A code analysis tool using Graph Theory.
  • PHP Analyser  - A library for analysing PHP code to find bugs and errors.
  • PHP Code Sniffer  - A library that detects PHP, CSS and JS coding standard violations.
  • PHP CS Fixer  - A coding standards fixer library.
  • PHP Manipulator  - A library for analysing and modifying PHP Source Code.
  • PHP Mess Detector  - A library that scans code for bugs, sub-optimal code, unused parameters and more.
  • PHP Metrics  - A static metric library.
  • PHP Migration  - A static analyzer for PHP version migration.
  • PHP Parser  - A PHP parser written in PHP.
  • PHP Refactoring Browser  - A command line utility for refactoring PHP code.
  • PHP Semantic Versioning Checker  - A command line utility that compares two source sets and determines the appropriate semantic versioning to apply.
  • phan  - A static analyzer based on PHP 7+ and the php-ast extension.
  • PHPCheckstyle  - A tool to help adhere to certain coding conventions.
  • PHPCPD  - A library that detects copied and pasted code.
  • PhpDependencyAnalysis  - A tool to create customisable dependency graphs.
  • PHPLOC  - A tool for quickly measuring the size of a PHP project.
  • PHPQA  - A tool for running QA tools (phploc, phpcpd, phpcs, pdepend, phpmd, phpmetrics).
  • PHPPHP  - A PHP VM implementation in PHP.
  • PHPSandbox  - A PHP sandbox environment.
  • PHPStan  - A PHP Static Analysis Tool.
  • Qafoo Quality Analyzer  - A tool to visualize metrics and source code.
  • Scrutinizer  - A web tool to scrutinise PHP code.
  • UBench  - A simple micro benchmark library.


Libraries related to design patterns, programming approaches and ways to organize code.

  • Compose  - A function composition library.
  • Design Patterns PHP  - A repository of software patterns implemented in PHP.
  • Finite  - A simple PHP finite state machine.
  • Functional PHP  - A functional programming library.
  • Galapagos  - Evolutionary language transformation.
  • Iter  - A library that provides iteration primitives using generators.
  • Monad PHP  - A simple Monad library.
  • Patchwork  - A library for redefining userland functions.
  • PHP Option  - An option type library.
  • Pipeline  - A pipeline pattern implementation.
  • Ruler  - A simple stateless production rules engine.
  • RulerZ  - A powerful rule engine and implementation of the Specification pattern.

Debugging and Profiling

Libraries and tools for debugging and profiling code.

  • APM  - Monitoring extension collecting errors and statistics into SQLite/MySQL/StatsD.
  • Barbushin PHP Console  - Another web debugging console using Google Chrome.
  •  - A low-overhead code profiler.
  • Kint  - A debugging and profiling tool.
  • PHP Console  - A web debugging console.
  • PHP Debug Bar  - A debugging toolbar.
  • PHPBench  - A benchmarking Framework.
  • PHPDBG  - An interactive PHP debugger.
  •  - Monitoring and profiling tool
  • Tracy  - A simple error detection, logging and time measuring library.
  • xDebug  - A debug and profile tool for PHP.
  • XHProf  - A profiling tool originally developed by Facebook.
  • Z-Ray  - A debug and profile tool for Zend Server.

Build Tools

Project build and automation tools.

  • Bob  - A simple project automation tool.
  • Box  - A utility to build PHAR files.
  • Construct  - A PHP project/micro-package generator.
  • Phake  - A rake PHP clone library.
  • Phing  - A PHP project build system inspired by Apache Ant.

Task Runners

Libraries for automating and running tasks.

  • Bldr  - A PHP Task runner built on Symfony components.
  • Jobby  - A PHP cron job manager without modifying crontab.
  • Robo  - A PHP Task runner with object-orientated configurations.
  • Task  - A pure PHP task runner inspired by Grunt and Gulp.


Tools for building navigation structures.

  • Cartographer  - A sitemap generation library.
  • KnpMenu  - A menu library.

Asset Management

Tools for managing, compressing and minifying website assets.

  • JShrink  - A JavaScript minifier library.
  • Munee  - An asset optimiser library.
  • Puli  - A library for determining assets absolute paths.
  • BowerPHP  - A PHP implementation of Bower. A package manager for the web


Libraries for geocoding addresses and working with latitudes and longitudes.

  • GeoCoder  - A geocoding library.
  • GeoJSON  - A GeoJSON implementation.
  • GeoTools  - A library of geo-related tools.
  • PHPGeo  - A simple geo library.

Date and Time

Libraries for working with dates and times.

  • CalendR  - A calendar management library.
  • Carbon  - A simple DateTime API extension.
  • Chronos  - A DateTime API extension supporting both mutable and immutable date/time.
  • ExpressiveDate  - Another DateTime API extension.
  • Moment.php  - Moment.js inspired PHP DateTime handler with i18n support.
  • Yasumi  - An library to help you calculate the dates and names of holidays.


Libraries that are event-driven or implement non-blocking event loops.

  • Amp  - An event driven non-blocking I/O library.
  • Broadway  - An event source and CQRS library.
  • Cake Event  - An event dispatcher library (CP).
  •  - Yet another web socket library.
  • Evenement  - An event dispatcher library.
  • Event  - An event library with a focus on domain events.
  • Hoa EventSource  - An event source library.
  • Hoa WebSocket  - Another web socket library.
  • Prooph Event Store  - An event source component to persist event messages
  • Ratchet  - A web socket library.
  • React  - An event driven non-blocking I/O library.
  • Rx.PHP  - A reactive extension library.
  • Workerman  - An event driven non-blocking I/O library.


Libraries for generating and working with log files.

  • Analog  - A closure-based micro logging package.
  • KLogger  - An easy-to-use PSR-3 compliant logging class.
  • Monolog  - A comprehensive logger.


Libraries and applications for taking payments and building online e-commerce stores.

  • Money  - A PHP implementation of Fowler's money pattern.
  • OmniPay  - A framework agnostic multi-gateway payment processing library.
  • Payum  - A payment abstraction library.
  • Shopware  - Highly customizable e-commerce software
  • Swap  - An exchange rates library.
  • Sylius  - An open source e-commerce solution.


Libraries and software for working with PDF files.

  • Dompdf  - A HTML to PDF converter.
  • PHPPdf  - A library for generating PDFs and images from XML.
  • Snappy  - A PDF and image generation library.
  • WKHTMLToPDF  - A tool to convert HTML to PDF.


Libraries for working with office suite documents.

  • ExcelAnt  - A library for manipulating Microsoft Excel documents.
  • PHPPowerPoint  - A library for working with Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations.
  • PHPWord  - A library for working with Microsoft Word documents.
  • PHPSpreadsheet  - A pure PHP library for reading and writing spreadsheet files (successor of PHPExcel)


Libraries for interacting with databases using object-relational mapping (ORM) or datamapping techniques.

  • Aura.Sql  - Provides an extension to the native PDO along with a profiler and connection locator.
  • Aura.SqlQuery  - Independent query builders for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server. Edit
  • Baum  - A nested set implementation for Eloquent.
  • Cake ORM  - Object-Relational Mapper, implemented using the DataMapper pattern (CP).
  • Doctrine Extensions  - A collection of Doctrine behavioural extensions.
  • Doctrine  - A comprehensive DBAL and ORM.
  • Eloquent  - A simple ORM (L5).
  • LazyRecord  - A fast ORM designed for simplicity, extendability and performance.
  • Pomm  - An Object Model Manager for PostgreSQL.
  • Propel  - A fast ORM, migration library and query builder.
  • ProxyManager  - A set of utilities to generate proxy objects for data mappers.
  • RedBean  - A lightweight, configuration-less ORM.
  • Spot2  - A MySQL datamapper ORM.


Libraries to help manage database schemas and migrations.

  • Doctrine Migrations  - A migration library for Doctrine.
  • Migrations  - A migration management library.
  • Phinx  - Another database migration library.
  • PHPMig  - Another migration management library.
  • Ruckusing  - Database migrations for PHP ala ActiveRecord Migrations with support for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite.


Libraries for working with "NoSQL" backends.

  • Monga  - A MongoDB abstraction library.
  • MongoQB  - A MongoDB query builder library.
  • PHPMongo  - A MongoDB ORM.
  • Predis  - A feature complete Redis library.


Libraries for working with event and task queues.

  • Bernard  - A multibackend abstraction library.
  • BunnyPHP  - A performant pure-PHP AMQP (RabbitMQ) sync and also async (ReactPHP) library.
  • Pheanstalk  - A Beanstalkd client library.
  • PHP AMQP  - A pure PHP AMQP library.
  • Tarantool Queue  - PHP bindings for Tarantool Queue.
  • Thumper  - A RabbitMQ pattern library.


Libraries and software for indexing and performing search queries on data.

  • Elastica  - A client library for ElasticSearch.
  • ElasticSearch PHP  - The official client library for ElasticSearch .
  • Solarium  - A client library for Solr .
  • Sphinx Search  - Sphinx Search library provides SphinxQL indexing and searching features
  • SphinxQL query builder  - A query library for the Sphinx  search engine.

Command Line

Libraries related to the command line.

  • Aura.Cli  - Provides the equivalent of request ( Context ) and response ( Stdio ) objects for the command line interface, including Getopt support, and an independent Help object for describing commands.
  • Boris  - A tiny PHP REPL.
  • Cilex  - A micro framework for building command line tools.
  • CLI Menu  - A library for building CLI menus.
  • CLIFramework  - A command-line framework supports zsh/bash completion generation, subcommands and option constraints. It also powers phpbrew.
  • CLImate  - A library for outputting colours and special formatting.
  • Commando  - Another simple command line opt parser.
  • Cron Expression  - A library to calculate cron run dates.
  • GetOpt  - A command line opt parser.
  • GetOptionKit  - Another command line opt parser.
  • Hoa Console  - Another command line library.
  • OptParse  - Another command line opt parser.
  • Pecan  - An event-driven, non-blocking shell.
  • PsySH  - Another PHP REPL.
  • ShellWrap  - A simple command line wrapper library.

Authentication and Authorization

Libraries for implementing user authentication and authorization.

  • Aura.Auth  - Provides authentication functionality and session tracking using various adapters.
  • Hawk  - A Hawk HTTP authentication library.
  • SocialConnect Auth  - An open source social sign (OAuth1\OAuth2\OpenID\OpenIDConnect).
  • Json Web Token  - Json Tokens to authenticate and transmit information.
  • Lock  - A library for implementing Access Control Lists (ACL) systems.
  • OAuth 1.0 Client  - An OAuth 1.0 client library.
  • OAuth 2.0 Client  - An OAuth 2.0 client library.
  • OAuth2 Server  - Another OAuth2 server implementation.
  • OAuth2 Server  - An OAuth2 authentication server, resource server and client library.
  • Opauth  - A multi-provider authentication framework.
  • PHP oAuthLib  - Another OAuth library.
  • Sentinel Social  - A library for social network authentication.
  • Sentinel  - A framework agnostic authentication & authorisation library.
  • TwitterOAuth  - A Twitter OAuth library.
  • TwitterSDK  - A fully tested Twitter SDK.


Libraries for working with markup.

  • Cebe Markdown  - An fast and extensible Markdown parser.
  • Ciconia  - Another Markdown parser that supports Github flavoured Markdown.
  • CommonMark PHP  - A Markdown parser which supports the full CommonMark spec .
  • Decoda  - A lightweight markup parser library.
  • Emoji  - A library that converts unicode characters and names into emoji images.
  • HTML to Markdown  - Converts HTML into Markdown.
  • HTML5 PHP  - An HTML5 parser and serializer library.
  • Parsedown  - Another Markdown parser.
  • PHP Markdown  - A Markdown parser.


Libraries for parsing and manipulating strings.

  • Agent  - A PHP desktop/mobile user agent parser, based on Mobiledetect.
  • ANSI to HTML5  - An ANSI to HTML5 converter library.
  • Color Jizz  - A library for manipulating and converting colours.
  • Device Detector  - Another library for parsing user agent strings.
  • Hoa String  - Another UTF-8 string library.
  • Jieba-PHP  - A PHP port of Python's jieba. Chinese text segmentation for natural language processing.
  • Mobile-Detect  - A lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets).
  • Patchwork UTF-8  - A portable library for working with UTF-8 strings.
  • Slugify  - A library to convert strings to slugs.
  • SQL Formatter  - A library for formatting SQL statements.
  • Stringy  - A string manipulation library with multibyte support.
  • Text  - A text manipulation library.
  • UA Parser  - A library for parsing user agent strings.
  • URLify  - A PHP port of Django's URLify.js.
  • UUID  - A library for generating UUIDs.


Libraries for working with numbers.

  • ByteUnits  - A library to parse, format and convert byte units in binary and metric systems.
  • LibPhoneNumber for PHP  - A PHP implementation of Google's phone number handling library.
  • Math  - A library for working with large numbers.
  • Numbers PHP  - A library for working with numbers.
  • PHP Conversion  - Another library for converting between units of measure.
  • PHP Units of Measure  - A library for converting between units of measure.

Filtering and Validation

Libraries for filtering and validating data.

  • Aura.Filter  - Provides tools to validate and sanitize objects and arrays.
  • Cake Validation  - Another validation library (CP).
  • DMS Filter  - An annotation filtering library.
  • Filterus  - A simple PHP filtering library.
  • ISO-codes  - A library for validating inputs according standards from ISO, International Finance, Public Administrations, GS1, Book Industry, Phone numbers & Zipcodes for many countries
  • MetaYaml  - A schema validation library that supports YAML, JSON and XML.
  • Respect Validation  - A simple validation library.
  • Upload  - A library for handling file uploads and validation.
  • Valitron  - Another validation library.
  • Volan  - Another simplified validation library.


Libraries and web tools for developing APIs.

  • API Platform  - Expose in minutes an hypermedia REST API that embraces JSON-LD, Hydra format.
  • Apigility  - An API builder built with Zend Framework 2.
  • Drest  - A library for exposing Doctrine entities as REST resource endpoints.
  • HAL  - A Hypertext Application Language (HAL) builder library.
  • Hateoas  - A HATEOAS REST web service library.
  • Negotiation  - A content negotiation library.
  • Restler  - A lightweight framework to expose PHP methods as RESTful web API.
  • wsdl2phpgenerator  - A tool to generate PHP classes from SOAP WSDL files.


Libraries for caching data.

  • Alternative PHP Cache (APC)  - Open opcode cache for PHP.
  • APIx Cache  - A thin PSR-6 cache wrapper to various caching backends emphasising cache tagging and indexing.
  • CacheTool  - A tool to clear APC/opcode caches from the command line.
  • Cake Cache  - A caching library (CP).
  • Doctrine Cache  - A caching library.
  • Metaphore  - Cache slam defense using a semaphore to prevent dogpile effect.
  • Stash  - Another library for caching.
  • Zend Cache  - Another caching library (ZF2).

Data Structure and Storage

Libraries that implement data structure or storage techniques.

  • Ardent  - A library of data structures.
  • Cake Collection  - A simple collections library (CP).
  • Collections  - Collections Abstraction library for PHP.
  • Fractal  - A library for converting complex data structures to JSON output.
  • Ginq  - Another PHP library based on .NET's LINQ.
  • JsonMapper  - A library that maps nested JSON structures onto PHP classes.
  • Knapsack  - Collection library inspired by Clojure's sequences.
  • PHP Collections  - A simple collections library.
  • PINQ  - A PHP library based on .NET's LINQ (Language Integrated Query).
  • Porter  - Data import abstraction framework.
  • Serializer  - A library for serialising and de-serialising data.
  • Totem  - A library to manage and create data changesets.
  • YaLinqo  - Yet Another LINQ to Objects for PHP.
  • Zend Serializer  - Another library for serialising and de-serialising data (ZF2).


Libraries for working with notification software.

  • JoliNotif  - A cross-platform library for desktop notification (support for Growl, notify-send, toaster, etc)
  • Nod  - A notification library (e.g., Growl).
  • Notification Pusher  - A standalone library for device push notifications.
  • Notificato  - A library for handling push notifications.
  • Notificator  - A lightweight notification library.
  • Php-pushwoosh  - A PHP Library to easily send push notifications with the Pushwoosh REST Web Services.


Libraries for project deployment.

  • Deployer  - A deployment tool.
  • Envoy  - A tool to run SSH tasks with PHP.
  • Plum  - A deployer library.
  • Pomander  - A deployment tool for PHP applications.
  • Rocketeer  - A fast and easy deployer for the PHP world.

Internationalisation and Localisation

Libraries for Internationalization (I18n) and Localization (L10n).

  • Aura.Intl  - Provides internationalization (I18N) tools, specifically package-oriented per-locale message translation.
  • Cake I18n  - Message translation and localization for dates and numbers (CP)

Third Party APIs

Libraries for accessing third party APIs.

  • Amazon Web Service SDK  - The official PHP AWS SDK library.
  • Campaign Monitor  - The official Campaign Monitor PHP library.
  • Digital Ocean  - A library to interface with the Digital Ocean API.
  • Dropbox SDK  - The official PHP Dropbox SDK library.
  • Github  - A library to interface with the Github API.
  • Mailgun  The official Mailgun PHP API.
  • PHP Github API  - Another library to interface with the Github API.
  • S3 Stream Wrapper  - A stream wrapper library for Amazon S3.
  • Stripe  - The official Stripe PHP library.
  • Twilio  - The official Twilio PHP REST API.
  • Twitter OAuth  - A library to interface with Twitter's OAuth workflow.
  • Twitter REST  - A library to interact with Twitter's REST API.


Libraries to help build PHP extensions.

  • PHP CPP  - A C++ library for developing PHP extensions.
  • Zephir  - A compiled language between PHP and C++ for developing PHP extensions.


Useful libraries or tools that don't fit in the categories above.

  • Annotations  - An annotations library (part of Doctrine).
  • Cake Utility  - Utility classes such as Inflector, String, Hash, Security and Xml (CP).
  • Chief  - A command bus library.
  • ClassPreloader  - A library for optimising autoloading.
  • Country List  - A list of all countries with names and ISO 3166-1 codes.
  • Embera  - An Oembed consumer library.
  • Essence  - A library for extracting web media.
  • Flux  - A regular expression building library.
  • Graphviz  - A Graphviz library.
  • Hprose-PHP  - A very newbility RPC Library, support 25+ languages now.
  • JSON Lint  - A JSON lint utility.
  • JSONPCallbackValidator  - A library for validating JSONP callbacks.
  • Jumper  - A remote service executor library.
  • LadyBug  - A dumper library.
  • Lambda PHP  - A Lambda calculus interpreter in PHP.
  • LiteCQRS  - A CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Separation) library.
  • Metrics  - A simple metrics API library.
  • noCAPTCHA  - Helper for Google's noCAPTCHA (reCAPTCHA).
  • Nmap  - A PHP wrapper around Nmap .
  • Opengraph  - An opengraph library.
  • Pagerfanta  - A pagination library.
  • PHP Expression  - A PHP expression language.
  • PHP PassBook  - A PHP library for iOS PassBook.
  • PHP-GPIO  - A library for playing with the Raspberry PI's GPIO pins.
  • PHP-ML  - A library for Machine Learning in PHP.
  • PHPCR  - A PHP port of the Java Content Repository (JCR).
  • PHPStack  - A TCP/IP stack proof of concept written in PHP.
  • print_o  - An object graph visualizer.
  • Procrastinator  - A library for running time consuming tasks.
  • Prooph Service Bus  - Lightweight message bus supporting CQRS and Micro Services
  • RMT  - A library for versioning and releasing software.
  • sabre/vobject  - A library for parsing VCard and iCalendar objects.
  • Slimdump  - An easy dumper tool for MySQL.
  • Spork  - A process forking library.
  • Sslurp  - A library that makes dealing with SSL suck less.
  • SuperClosure  - A library that allows Closures to be serialized.
  • Symfony VarDumper  - A variable dumper component (SF).
  • Underscore  - A PHP port of the Underscore JS library.
  • Whoops  - A pretty error handling library.


Software for creating a development environment.

PHP Installation

Tools to help install and manage PHP on your computer.

  • HomeBrew PHP  - A PHP tap for HomeBrew.
  • HomeBrew  - A package manager for OSX.
  • PHP Brew  - A PHP version manager and installer.
  • PHP Build  - Another PHP version installer.
  • PHP Env  - Another PHP version manager.
  • PHP OSX  - A PHP installer for OSX.
  • PHP Switch  - Another version manager.
  • VirtPHP  - A tool for creating and managing isolated PHP environments.

Development Environment

Software and tools for creating a sandboxed development environment.

  • Ansible  - A radically simple orchestration framework.
  • Phansible  - A web tool for building PHP development virtual machines with Ansible.
  • Protobox  - Another web tool for building PHP development virtual machines.
  • PuPHPet  - A web tool for building PHP development virtual machines.
  • Puppet  - A server automation framework and application.
  • Vagrant  - A portable development environment utility.
  • Docker  - A containerization platform.

Virtual Machines

Alternative PHP virtual machines.

  • Hack  - A programming language for HHVM that interoperates seamlessly with PHP.
  • HHVM  - A Virtual Machine, Runtime and JIT for PHP by Facebook.
  • HippyVM  - Another PHP virtual machine.

Integrated Development Environment

Integrated Development Environments with support for PHP.

  • Eclipse for PHP Developers  - A PHP IDE based on the Eclipse platform.
  • Netbeans  - An IDE with support for PHP and HTML5.
  • PhpStorm  - A commercial PHP IDE.

Web Applications

Web-based applications and tools.

  • 3V4L  - An online PHP & HHVM shell.
  • DBV  - A database version control application.
  • PHP Queue  - An application for managing queueing backends.
  • MailCatcher  - A web tool for capturing and viewing emails.
  • Cachet  - The open source status page system.
  • phpBeanstalkdAdmin  - Monitoring and administration interface for Beanstalkd.
  • phpRedisAdmin  - A simple web interface to manage Redis  databases.
  • phpPgAdmin  - A web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL.
  • phpMyAdmin  - A web interface for MySQL/MariaDB.
  • Adminer  - Database management in a single PHP file.
  • Grav  - A modern flat-file CMS.


Infrastructure for providing PHP applications and services.

  •  - A multithreaded application server for PHP, written in PHP.
  • php-pm  - A process manager, supercharger and load balancer for PHP applications.


Various resources, such as books, websites and articles, for improving your PHP development skills and knowledge.

PHP Websites

Useful PHP-related websites.

  • Nomad PHP  - A online PHP learning resource.
  • PHP Best Practices  - A PHP best practice guide.
  • PHP FIG  - The PHP Framework Interoperability Group.
  • PHP Mentoring  - Peer to peer PHP mentorship organization.
  • PHP Package Development Standards  - Package development standards for PHP.
  • PHP School  - Open Source Learning for PHP.
  • PHP Security  - A guide to PHP security.
  • PHP The Right Way  - A PHP best practice quick reference guide.
  • PHP UG  - A website to help people locate their nearest PHP user group (UG).
  • PHP Versions  - Lists which versions of PHP are available on several popular web hosts.
  • PHP Weekly  - A weekly PHP newsletter.
  • PHPTrends  - An overview of fastest growing PHP libraries.
  • Securing PHP  - A newsletter about PHP security and library recommendations.
  • Seven PHP  - A website that interviews members of the PHP community.

Other Websites

Useful websites related to web development.

  • Atlassian Git Tutorials  - A series of Git tutorials.
  • Hg Init  - A series of Mercurial tutorials.
  • Semantic Versioning  - A website explaining semantic versioning.
  • Servers for Hackers  - A newsletter about server management.
  • The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)  - An open software security community.
  • WebSec IO  - A web security community resource.

PHP Books

Fantastic PHP-related books.

  • Functional Programming in PHP  - This book will show you how to leverage these new PHP5.3+ features by understanding functional programming principles
  • Grumpy PHPUnit  - A book about unit testing with PHPUnit by Chris Hartjes.
  • Mastering Object-Orientated PHP  - A book about object-orientated PHP by Brandon Savage.
  • Modern PHP New Features and Good Practices  - A book about new PHP features and best practices by Josh Lockhart.
  • Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP  - A book about modernizing legacy PHP applications by Paul M. Jones.
  • PHP 7 Upgrade Guide  - An ebook covering all of the features and changes in PHP 7 by Colin O'Dell.
  • PHP Pandas  - A book about learning to write PHP by Dayle Rees.
  • Scaling PHP Applications  - An ebook about scaling PHP applications by Steve Corona.
  • Securing PHP: Core Concepts  - A book about common security terms and practices for PHP by Chris Cornutt.
  • Signaling PHP  - A book about catching PCNTL signals in CLI scripts by Cal Evans.
  • The Grumpy Programmer's Guide to Building Testable PHP Applications  - A book about building testing PHP applications by Chris Hartjes.
  • XML Parsing with PHP  - This book covers parsing and validating XML documents, leveraging XPath expressions, and working with namespaces as well as how to create and modify XML files programmatically.
  • Domain-Driven Design in PHP  - Real examples written in PHP showcasing DDD Architectural Styles.

Other Books

Books related to general computing and web development.

  • Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide  - A guide to working with Elasticsearch by Clinton Gormley and Zachary Tong.
  • Eloquent JavaScript  - A book about JavaScript programming by Marijn Haverbeke.
  • Head First Design Patterns  - A book that expains software design patterns.
  • Pro Git  - A book about Git by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub.
  • The Linux Command Line  - A book about the Linux command line by William Shotts.
  • The Tangled Web — Securing Web Applications  - A book about securing web applications by Michal Zalewski.
  • Understanding Computation  - A book about computation theory by Tom Stuart.
  • Vagrant Cookbook  - A book about creating Vagrant environments by Erika Heidi.

PHP Videos

Fantastic PHP-related videos.

  • Nomad PHP Lightning Talks  - 10 to 15 minute Lightning Talks by PHP community members.
  • PHP UK Conference  - A collection of videos from the PHP UK Conference.
  • Programming with Anthony  - A video series by Anthony Ferrara.
  • Taking PHP Seriously  - A talk outlining PHP's strengths by Keith Adams of Facebook.

PHP Podcasts

Podcasts with a main focus on PHP topics

  • PHP Town Hall  - A casual PHP podcast by Ben Edmunds and Phil Sturgeon.
  • Voices of the ElePHPant  Interviews with the people that make the PHP community special.
  • PHP Roundtable  - The PHP Roundtable is a casual gathering of developers discussing topics that PHP nerds care about.

PHP Reading

PHP-releated reading materials.

  • Composer Primer  - A Composer primer.
  • Composer Stability Flags  - An article about Composer stability flags.
  • Composer Versioning  - An article about Composer versioning.
  • Create Your Own PHP Framework  - A series of articles on how to make your own PHP framework by Fabien Potencier.
  • Don't Worry About BREACH  - An article about the BREACH hack and CSRF tokens.
  • On PHP 5.3, Lambda Functions and Closures  - An article about lambda functions and closures.
  • PHP Is Much Better Than You Think  - An article about the PHP language and ecosystem.
  • PHP Package Checklist  - A checklist for successful PHP package development.
  • PHP Sucks! But I Like It!  - An article about the pros and cons of PHP.
  • Preventing CSRF Attacks  - An article on preventing CSRF attacks.
  • Seven Ways to Screw Up BCrypt  - An article about correct BCrypt implementation.
  • Use Env  - An article about using the unix environment helper.

PHP Internals Reading

Reading materials related to the PHP internals or performance.

  • Disproving the Single Quotes Myth  - An article about performance of single and double quoted strings.
  • How Big Are PHP Arrays (And Values) Really?  - An article about array internals.
  • How Foreach Works  - A detailed StackOverflow answer about foreach.
  • How Long is a Piece of String  - An article about string internals.
  • PHP Evaluation Order  - An article about evaluation order in PHP.
  • PHP Internals Book  - An online book about PHP internals, written by three core developers.
  • PHP RFCs  - The home of PHP RFCs (Request for Comments).
  • Print vs Echo, Which One is Faster?  - An article about print and echo performance.
  • The PHP Ternary Operator. Fast or Not?  - An article ternary performance.
  • Understanding OpCodes  - An article about opcodes.
  • When Does Foreach Copy?  - An article about the internals of foreach.
  • Why Objects (Usually) Use Less Memory Than Arrays  - An article about object and array internals.
  • You're Being Lied To  - An article about internal ZVALs.
  • Collecting Garbage: 1  2  3  - A series about the PHP garbage collection internals.
  • PHP Source Code for Developers: 1  2  3  4  - A series about the PHP source code.

PHP Magazines

Fantastic PHP-related magazines.

  • php[architect]  - A monthly magazine dedicated to PHP.
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