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Paradox 99: Взгляд изнутри - Часть 2 / English version
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Paradox - The story of the second day


Continuation of the report.

***** Day two. *****

About seven rose and went to DC - they thought that if it is

open, you can be in the hall sidushki move and lie on the normal

on soft. DC was really open,

there sat the same aunt that we did not

empty, but we freely went into the hall. And in

Conference organizers immediately from the scene yelling,

so that we were leaving, someone you let them? We said that we

want to relax - all night bomzhevali, and generally, why not

stay in Hall? They explain the type of steel that are prepared,

and no they should not interfere. In general, we are with them,

(and especially with one padloypridurkom) long cursed, but we

see that they generally impenetrable, and we left.

We went to the store, bought a couple of pies, snack. Then

came armavirtsy - terribly tortured and evil, they are already

the second night and slept at the station, and they have

already been auditory hallucinations, announcing the train.

They also wanted to relax in the room, but we

said that the number of dead. Well, they were all

pofigu they went, and we with them. Same

moron started to speak, that the room

rented, and they who want to start up. All of it was sent, but

he began to speak something about the police, and we

communicate with her did not want. We have sworn, and then a

armavirets said this fagot: - Well what can I say? You're a

cool kid. The people went away.

And we have piled up.

Sat near the entrance to the recreation center, waited for

the 11 hours. We all had shitty mood

got Sam and little by little began to pour in the morning. Then

we decided to eat. Got canned food, bread and cucumbers. I

pulled out a knife - open cans. Order tipsy armavirets took one

bank and said he would rub it on the asphalt to open. He was

advised that he should own x% d rubbed on the tarmac - in fact

there is a knife. In general, almost all were hungry, tired and


About 11 entered the hall, I immediately fell on the chair

and slept for a couple of music contests on the PC.

Then he announced a competition for PC-intro 64K.

The fun begins (or at least

the case for me).

Showed the first intro.

From the beginning, everyone thought that it

to put it mildly, somewhere has already seen. Intra was

zarelizina on ChaosConstruction'99, held in St. Petersburg.

Under the rules of the same party previously zarelizenye work

competition will not be accepted. Zavozmuschalsya people,

organizers zakosili by fools, and said that they know nothing.

Most of put the intro 0 points. Next intra

was also a CC99 group of PFC (Sergey Lebedev). I am in

correspondence with him, and he is in front paradohom nothing

about exhibiting it in Rostov did not speak. Organizers

willfully povklyuchali the contest has not yet had time to

crock demos.

Next intra flew in yuyukah then-whether


Another two were intro with ByteFall'99. Only

a deme made bourgeois has not previously been reliznuta, but

she walked out of the competition - type of gift / greeting


In general, the 64K - the competition has failed.

Competition has started spektrumuvskoy AY-music. People to

cry: the first 3 tunes are not cut in! Their last three times

listened. But organizers apparently out of deference to the

authors again began to torment the audience. It was 20rabot,

each lasting about 3 minutes. H

AY-music. Not everyone will survive such torment!

Somewhere on the 8 th melody realize that slowly losing your

mind ... Although spektrumisty fun swing. On the back of the

staged Dance hip-hop/breyk, oposlya each melody

rose wild roar "Rulez!", "HRC - mastday," "Give Speck!" etc.

The mood in the Hall is up.

Then he went to the competition schedules for ZX (all

show on the emulator). The works were

different, but particularly remember a picture

"The X-Files" with the mugs of agents

Mulder and Scully. And another cool job was

in Voronezh - a rose painted on the sinter.

Cool! Everything is so carefully worked out,

petals drawn - well, just like the real thing. Soon I will send

it, I envelope in PCX - who should see.

Then I went to contest 4K intro. There we

exhibited their demo AEROBALL. Knechno, we

previously understood that the deme weak - the

more than what was written in three weeks, and was

a work in progress ... But it turned out to much

worse. When the show other people's work,

somehow did not pay attention to the fact that

curtained windows in the room with white tulle, outside the

sun, and the image on the projector pale and difficult to

distinguish. But when kerf my DeMouy, I noticed it immediately.

In general, the initial splash screen has two red spots, that

even I am completely could not read what is written there. Scene

sunset on the sea turned into a three-poloskidve blue in the

middle of the red. Sucks. Although, like spektrumistam

helicopter - well that even though they were normally seen.

Then he showed another DeMouy - next

tunnels and the effects on the table displacement

Fractal ... only dorugogo color. Bored

but beautiful. Then let DeMouy with CC99. People have got used

to it and not particularly angry. Those parts of the demos,

which was blue-white palette is generally not visible. There

are already I broke down and cried to adjust the projector,

added kontrastnosi, chtoli ...

And finally - hit of the season! 4K-deme from

Voronezh with music. Image very good. well

thought out - the tunnels, sinus-snot, 3D zachepyatelno

complement each other. Cool! People fanatel ... The picture is

synchronized with music, all in one rhythm, and integrity. Well

a breakthrough in the 4K-making demo. After paradoha with this

release, we can assume that a new standard - now make 4K

without the music as something completely off topic. First

place - 100%.

Competition ZX-demo without size restrictions

long time to decide how to show it. The projector does not want

to give a color image of the cake. In the end, launched to the

public color monitor and simultaneously sintering all the shows

and on the monitor and the projector. First demoy was "7UP"

vorenezhtsev. Well, that's cool ... Someone

tried to watch the video on the Spectrum?

It turns out that this is possible. In Deme different effects

were replaced with the cinematics deysvuyuschimi persons - by

their authors. As They are fun to drink on the nature of 7UP,

have fun watching. Hall just dragged, the more so spektrumistov

Most of it was. Sami DoublePlus-sheep jumped on his chair,

whistling - in general, rejoice the heart. After the demos Hall

has not been able to calm down ...

Following DeMouy I do not remember it.

Nomination 16K-ZX-demo was three works.

Two - regular implementation of fractals / rotozumov / plasma,

but for me it was amazing - so create at Speke I thought which

is impossible. The third paper was brief, but amusing. Vapor

effects, funny music, then there was one photo> organizer with

the inscription "The Joker - lamer!". Facilities just

oborzhalsya. Joker something embarrassment mumbled into the

microphone about what he liked the original decision ...

Spektrumisty People and the rest of perlite

full program ...

Contest Digital-Music-ZX. Translating hardware settings in

the system of the EU, it is possible say that the digitized

samples are from frequency of slightly more 8KGts. Natural

Tracker music, some interesting songs and the sound quality

like 8KNts th Vav-file. You can listen to, though bored

odnoobrazdnost rhythms. Dynts-dynts-dynts ...

ounces-ounces ... All of the square 4 / 4. Couple

tracks fuse at some time in the soul, now to recall them at all

can not.

In competitions HandDraw and Render GFX me

work is not quite like it - solid

fotoshopovskie filters, and a bit of work

hands. Render the entire schedule could be defined as

"beginning to develop 3D-Studio." Maybe it was not so bad, but

was already the end of the day, and from uymy information

correctly perceive that anything was pretty hard ...

Finally, the long-awaited contests mikrokodinga. The first

competition was in 512Byte, I exhibited a job SPEAR-who saw that

knows (on the background of an egg begayut sperm). There were 7

papers (two of them with CC99), the work was quite strong. SPEAR

looked at the projector, drop dead - I

even he did not expect. At celerone-450 whole

speed is limited by line scan, so that spermiki ran smoothly

and straight as living. I have the impression

I look popular-science film. Not a bad job was at DoublePlus-a

- Vokselny landscape with little effect on top stars. They

agreed with the turn-spektrumistami and those nafigachili their

maximum points. We are with Max and then asked to see the Voice

form these guys, and upset - my own work has been omitted. BUT!

In RND.PROGS some reason results were not seen on the Internet,

I have not climbed, but today it's Greetings from Moscow (group

PFC): _vse_ravno_PERVOE_mesto_! _ All there is justice in this

world. See, almost all those present enjoyed medical and

biological subjects.

Competition 256Byte was represented by three

works - two plasma and our STORM (Max

makes the picture a raging sea, I inserted the sound). In light

of the universal fitting results, we were alerted that a plasma

made of an encoder Proxium, before showing her praise - it is

not used 13h-graph mode (320x200x256) and some

higher. Before showing our demos, I came

organizer to check the sound.

Instalnuli Guseva driver, I listened to the

headphones - the sound was just quiet. Said he quietly. The guy

who was responsible for sound reassured - such as if it will be

bad Heard - once on the remote unscrewing. I

a clear conscience go into the hall. When enabled our DeMouy,

sound, of course, was not. Some time organayzary were in

disarray, we started to yell indignantly kerf sound / volume. I

do not know what they forgot to do - whether peretyknut cable

from the console instead of headphones, even that toli

thread - but a moment later the sound was, but

the whole buzz was broken off. Then we talked with some

demomeykerami, they said they have seen in my life a lot, but

256Byte with sound - soul takes, and my head refuses to

believe. As a result - the first place. Thanks to the

organizers that sidekick did not fit glasses, all done honestly.

Then there was a contest of ANSI / ASCII-graphics. Well

what to say ... This method of creating

image has its own traditions, and their authors are adhered to.

Were slightly better job, were slightly worse. Participated as

80x25, and 80x50 characters. Remember one job (something it

was) - painted profile of the person crying, and says "do not

Weep. "

Well, almost done. If something is forgotten / mistaken,

please do not judge strictly. Two days of continuous

pivovozliyaniya who want to tire. Finally organizers said that

the results will be tomorrow at 12 o'clock. However, the

remaining time before DoublePlus-sheep did not learn anything,

and left with nothing, as we and passed. About

prizes - all read zapostennye paradoh-info? "For the first PC /

ZX demo NCSA prize will be 1000-1500 rupees. Either If the

prizes are very good. "When we left with half an ear to hear

about some zamorochki with the bank. In general, the time show

Kokov will pay for Works. Only I can not imagine what will

give prizes to nonresident. By mail chtoli?

Our opinion was so - not need any coolness, would have

prepared in advance with Kompashki demami / books / diplomas

Festival would be dismissed quickly immediately after party

vote and handed out prizes - all bylob nice, and festival would

be a logical and well finished.

How come now to the organizers - is unknown. Well, come on -

come what may.

Not nihilists we?

<With all sorts of wishes, Sergey>

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