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Paradox 99: Взгляд изнутри - Часть 1 / English version
Время создания: 16.06.2015 14:07
Текстовые метки: Paradox 99, Парадокс 99, демосцена, демопати, demoscene, demoparty
Раздел: Компьютер - DemoScene - Paradox 99-2001
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Первоначально эта статья была написана на русском языке одним из участников Paradox 99, известным тогда в очень узких кругах как TotalError из демогруппы Transmission (он же Сергей Степанов aka Xintrea, то есть я).

Статья имела две части.

За давностью лет оригинал на русском языке потерялся, но, по странной привратности судьбы, сохранился неизвестно кем сделанный перевод первой части. (Возможно, перевод делала фидошница И. Сильвестрова. А может быть это просто Промт).

Я узнал эту статью по характерной подписи:

With all sorts of wishes, Sergey.

которая по-русски выглядела так:

Со всяческими пожеланиями, Сергей.

Далее идет первая часть.

UPD: в 2022 году была найдена и вторая часть на английском языке. Статья была обнаружена на сайте, причем первой части там не обнаружено. В любом случае, теперь найдено обе части. Осталось их обратно перевести на русский язык.

Paradox: a view from the inside ;)

***** Day one. *****

In the general case. We arrived with Max in Rostov on

Saturday at 7 am and went to look for DC "Empils. The first

trouble was that that the published map quite neprhodila

on reality. So we like fools

walked through the back streets of Rostov, while not vsezh

found this object, overjoyed, and immediately

were broken. DK some strange,

main entrance is closed and littered with trash. Êàî, generally

it is not clear where to go, but main nowhere signage, though

kostvenno mentioning Paradox. We walked a couple of times

DK finally entered into a single door with

DK-labeled "Empils" bar. It turned out that

the bar is not there, and this side entrance. There was

Auntie, who said that like some one negotiated a sort of

holiday, but neither of which has not agreed to. We have

wait ...

Came another guy, it turned out

came from Voronezh nahalyavu on trains. We battered him, it

became clear that He vehemently spektrumist such an artist.

Then came another man in August - they were boys from Armavir,

they were up all night at the station spent the night, and were

terribly tortured. Then approached some rostovchanin with

systemic block, and was zhyutko surprised that no organizers.

Then he immediately suggested how they appear current, fill

muzzle the Joker. This type of one of the organizers

PTsplatformy. Gradually, people are going, somewhere in the

floor appeared to twelfth organizers.

Immediately the people told them a couple of nasty things

about the lack of announced at the door, they warning in

advance, and hung a poster and distributed all the posters.

Then came voysformy and there have been indications that these

people are gaining voting slips much more than

must ... I have had something in parallel, because in most of

them were spektrumisty. I took myself two rubles -

to vote and go home a take away.

Later in the crowd I was talking with some

lads - they were from Voronezh, as he

artist, the current came as a white man on

train. They called themselves demogruppoy

DoublePlus. y, and we constantly with Max

they have to hang out. This group, later proved to be very

strong. I have not yet I know the results Paradoxa, but I think

that are the first places to be at least 3

nominations. True, they are safe and

agreed with the turn-spektrumistami,

about what they put them to maximum

scores of their works, and those in turn to them.

In fact, all of the many groups of so-

arrived, so I would not be surprised that

competitions, only one (or two, because

competition), work will have a crazy amount of points, and all

other would be like totally slop.

In the hall hung a few rags Komputerry with advertising,

computer science, yet chegoto, and the organization

"Fatherland." This youth organization and was the main sponsor.

They've got to Rostov on this front their political games, such

as we have Paholkova deployed operations. Brought the cardboard

caps with blyamboy "Fatherland", tried everything to hand, but

are themselves know - fidoshniki apolitical people, so

that soon the whole board was lying on the floor. In

baseball caps ran only children of kindergarten age who were

recruited packs some Komputerra edition of the newspaper, which

lying on the stage holyavu, and somewhere they carried away ...

In general, while hardware and put

set up the whole thing, it took quite

a lot of time. About three o'clock in the afternoon the people

gathered to the top of the first competition. People have to

time your patience is coming to an end, but almost all were

glad that the show begins.

The first contest started doing competition like Spectrum

AY-music. Spectators especially pisishniki became pinned,

but all got flyers for voting

and began to listen to the first melody. Of course,

AY-listen music - this in itself is pretty terrible lesson, but

when she played "once-not-so", the ears simply fold into neat

little tubes and the mood is slowly moving out exponentially.

Strangely enough, the organizers have not noticed, and the kerf

second melody. But by its end, even they began to suspect

something. When you start the third melody author, who was in

the room, ran to organizers and said he did not hear

One of the three channels AY-card. They stopped the contest and

began tinkering with a spectral and the mixing desk. Then he

found a sort of break the sound wires, but they did not have

soldering iron. They sent someone for a soldering iron,

until he went, they continued to torment the spectrum

the presence of music. Brought a soldering iron - they

something to solder, reported that all fine and again renewed

the contest. Began to sound a little better, but on the third

ring same kompozer went back to the organizers and said that

the channel is heard, but very, very quiet. The contest was

interrupted again. Again went long minutes picking, then

send the person for another Spectrum.

When they brought him and kerf, it turned

that it is the same garbage.


Êàî in half of the sixth, it became clear that

Today the sound of the cake is not and sweet, and

oranizatory decided to hold the competition on the spectral

plots. But everyone here was waiting bummer. Speck suddenly

began to show in black and white images, even on your color

monitor, not to mention the projector. So after another half an

hour the people were informed that today, with a spectral

zakoncheno.Naskoro conducted a contest of traditional music on

PCs and announced that the first day is over ...

Promised the next day, all to prepare and correct, tell the

people that after half an hour to start dancing, which will

last is unclear to what time, so do not expenses. We have to

sit in the butt Hall and decided to walk for a while

in Rostov. The guys from DoublePlus-a beer is not wanted, and

we went with armavirtsami and several Rostov proshmugnutsya to

stalls. On the road normal stalls something does not come

across and we walked and walked, reached up of a large market.

While up to him reached, all Rostov gradually resorbed, and the

market was only one kid, who is studying at Rostov, and lives

in a half-empty in the summer of a student dormitory. He

offered to buy grub, and then go to him to cook, eat, and if

possible, stay the night.

New Alphabet was on the outskirts of Rostov, and

manageress complete bitch. She refused to let anyone,

especially the night. Earn hundreds a night she did not wanted.

Then we razmeslilis near the hostel on the tables for table

tennis, and sent to the host cook bought pasta and season them

with paste. Already was for nine o'clock, and return to DC

did not make sense, at least until the

sing. Still with us was a guy from Armavir

who served in Rostov, and knew the local

moonshiners, from which it an hour later brought two liters of

Sam. By this time, our cook pritarabanil whole pot of noodles

a la pasta nautically. We were scared

hungry, and immediately pounced on her, leaving the brew in

afterwards. When eaten, it was found that drinking almost no

one wants.

In the dorm, however begged, was not allowed to sleep, and

sleep on the street was uncomfortable, because it was pretty

cool, and in the morning can be quite zadubet. The whole crowd

went to a halt, deciding spend the night at the station -

although there is warmer, though it is impossible to sleep

there - a group with Armavir already spent the night, and did

not want place else to go. There will need all night

koryachitsya on chairs with armrests, and every five minutes to

listen to what train come, but for those who have not heard or

not time to wake up again, train number so and so came ottudova

... On offer Accommodation in DC, rostovchanin said (and

as it turned out, was absolutely right)

that no one in DC is not empty, because the organizers of the

night for nonresidents do not agree, and in general they are

complete assholes. On reaching the station, I'm Max, and

another guy do decide to go to DC - Suddenly there may be a

night? - And if not, go back to the station.

Miraculously found in the dark nooks and Rostov DK Empils, we

began looking at windows on the presence of light. Lighted

window of administration, and barely lit box adjacent to the

stage - apparently worked there monitor. Discos, naturally

there was no. (As we later were told it was not in general.

After we went to drink beer, people waiting for discos, and

then was broken off stated that nothing would all have

leave the hall.) We knocked on the window of the administration

looked Auntie, we asked her to admit, but it is not opened,

stating that it is enough of a drunken programmer, who was

lying in a closet. And left. We, the reasoning that does not

fall under the category of drunken computer geeks, because it

was completely sober, prepared just in case money, and knocked

again. Auntie came again, we have it beg to get money, and it

sort of agreed. But said he would go and ask our organizers,

let us, or no. Gone and never returned.


Up nobody spent the night in DC, THOUGH

ADMIISTRATSIYA was not opposed.

This aunt and us otshila several

people, organizers and told her "not

start - and my aunt just and peaceful. All


At the station we went - on the bus does not

want to spend, and go to the stop

was too far away - we were zamuchanye and


We went to a neighboring yard, where

afternoon snack, there was a nepolomannaya bench. Tried to

accommodate on it. But it was inconvenient and cool - we

did not have warm clothes were in what

arrived. Half-hour pomuchalis, it bothered me that I went to

the staircase hruschebnoy five-story building, look at the

window sills - there may be more convenient. Then he climbed to

the fifth floor, and saw that there is another passage,

which leads to an additional floor with

low ceiling and downtrodden door to the attic. There was clean

- well, anyway not namusoreno and shit in the corners were not.

AND It was warm from a pipe that runs along the


I went down and said boys, what can be

bad lie there on the papers. We quietly stood up, spread out

there newspapers, this guy was visiting a small

veil, which he used as

softener for the screw. We put it on

newspapers, and just three fit only

feet on the concrete. In general, I used to sleep on

hard without a pillow, and I was on a high.

Boys also proved to be unpretentious, and

after a while we slept. Then I

something woke up from a long crunch - it's Max under his head

a plastic bottle and tossed. I do not understand Why feel

relaxed and looked in the window - there like daylight, and

decided that already morning. Max did not sleep, I asked lope

time. He glanced at the clock (I do not know how

He looked at them) and said that half past six. We decided to

meet. Began to wake up the third guy, he woke up, we did speak

to get up, and he looked at his watch, terribly surprised:

- Guys, you che, ohreneli? Sex-and third-


Max looked at her - exactly half past two. We again laid and

I passed out before am. In general, the night we spent more or

less normal, and almost slept.

Summary: The first day was scary paradoha

disorganized, and people felt sorry that

generally came from. Organizers except zakidyvaniya info about

paradohe in ekhi and finding the money at the festival are no

longer do - everything was done on the fly. Nothing

pro contests on the first day I really can not tell, because

was chaotic and uninteresting.

<With all sorts of wishes, Sergey>

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