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PySide Downloads

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Both PySide  source and binary packages for all supported platforms are available from the Python Package Index (PyPI) . Thanks to this, PySide can be downloaded and installed using `pip` installer.

pip install pyside

These files are also available from official Qt Downloads server.

·         Official Qt Project Releases


Binaries for the the following platforms are available.

·         Linux

·         Microsoft Windows

·         Mac OS X

·         Maemo

·         MeeGo

Source code

The source code for latest PySide release can be downloaded from the links below or PyPI

·         shiboken-1.2.2.tar.bz2

·         pyside-qt4.8+1.2.2.tar.bz2

·         pyside-tools-0.2.15.tar.gz

Alternatively, you can get the latest source code from our git repository at Qt Project's Gerrit code review tool  or from the read-only mirrors at . See details in the Building Pyside  page.

The old repositories from pre-Qt era can be found from  with -archive added to the repository names.

Build instructions can be found in the Building PySide  page and PySide Development .

PySide Test

To check if PySide in installed correctly just enter a python console and type:

import PySide

If no error is returned, you have successfully installed PySide, and can start developing with Qt and Python. You can also check the version of your PySide installation:




PySide Binaries Windows

English French

PySide Binaries for Microsoft Windows

Maintainer: Roman Lacko

Installing prerequisites

Install latest pip distribution: download  and run it using the python interpreter.

Installing PySide on a Windows System

To install PySide on Windows you can choose from the following options:

·         Use pip  to install the wheel binary packages by issuing the command:

pip install -U PySide

·         Use setuptools  to install the egg binary packages by issuing the command (deprecated):

easy_install -U PySide

·         Download and install the packages from the PyPI page


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