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Раздел: Java - Tutorial - Object and Classes
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When discussing about classes, one of the most important sub topic would be constructors. Every class has a constructor. If we do not explicitly write a constructor for a class, the Java compiler builds a default constructor for that class.

Each time a new object is created, at least one constructor will be invoked. The main rule of constructors is that they should have the same name as the class. A class can have more than one constructor.

Following is an example of a constructor −


public class Puppy {
   public Puppy() {

   public Puppy(String name) {
      // This constructor has one parameter, name.

Java also supports Singleton Classes where you would be able to create only one instance of a class.

Note − We have two different types of constructors. We are going to discuss constructors in detail in the subsequent chapters.

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