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match.start / match.end
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Return the indices of the start and end of the substring matched by group;group defaults to zero (meaning the whole matched substring). Return -1 ifgroup exists but did not contribute to the match. For a match object m, and a group g that did contribute to the match, the substring matched by group g(equivalent to is


Note that m.start(group) will equal m.end(group) if group matched a null string. For example, after m ='b(c?)', 'cba')m.start(0) is 1, m.end(0) is 2, m.start(1) and m.end(1) are both 2, and m.start(2)raises an IndexError exception.

An example that will remove remove_this from email addresses:


email = ""
m ="remove_this", email)
email[:m.start()] + email[m.end():]

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