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метаданные по LOBs
Время создания: 09.05.2017 12:29
Раздел: PL/SQL - LOBs
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select table_name, column_name, segment_name

from user_lobs

where table_name = 'LOBS_TAB';

SQL> describe user_lobs

Name Type Nullable Default Comments

--------------- -------------- -------- ------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2(30) Y Name of the table containing the LOB

COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2(4000) Y Name of the LOB column or attribute

SEGMENT_NAME VARCHAR2(30) Y Name of the LOB segment

TABLESPACE_NAME VARCHAR2(30) Y Name of the tablespace containing the LOB segment

INDEX_NAME VARCHAR2(30) Y Name of the LOB index

CHUNK NUMBER Y Size of the LOB chunk as a unit of allocation/manipulation in bytes

PCTVERSION NUMBER Y Maximum percentage of the LOB space used for versioning

RETENTION NUMBER Y Maximum time duration for versioning of the LOB space

FREEPOOLS NUMBER Y Number of freepools for this LOB segment

CACHE VARCHAR2(10) Y Is the LOB accessed through the buffer cache?

LOGGING VARCHAR2(7) Y Are changes to the LOB logged?

ENCRYPT VARCHAR2(4) Y Is this lob encrypted?

COMPRESSION VARCHAR2(6) Y What level of compression is used for this lob?

DEDUPLICATION VARCHAR2(15) Y What kind of DEDUPLICATION is used for this lob?

IN_ROW VARCHAR2(3) Y Are some of the LOBs stored with the base row?

FORMAT VARCHAR2(15) Y Is the LOB storage format dependent on the endianness of the platform?

PARTITIONED VARCHAR2(3) Y Is the LOB column in a partitioned table?


SEGMENT_CREATED VARCHAR2(3) Y Is the LOB segment created?

RETENTION_TYPE VARCHAR2(7) Y What kind of retention is inuse?

RETENTION_VALUE NUMBER Y What is the retention value?

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