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; The following is a working script that is more elaborate than the one near the top of this page.

; It creates and displays a TreeView containing all folders in the all-users Start Menu. When the

; user selects a folder, its contents are shown in a ListView to the right (like Windows Explorer).

; In addition, a StatusBar control shows information about the currently selected folder.

; The following folder will be the root folder for the TreeView. Note that loading might take a long

; time if an entire drive such as C:\ is specified:

TreeRoot = %A_StartMenuCommon%

TreeViewWidth := 280

ListViewWidth := A_ScreenWidth - TreeViewWidth - 30

; Allow the user to maximize or drag-resize the window:

Gui +Resize

; Create an ImageList and put some standard system icons into it:

ImageListID := IL_Create(5)

Loop 5

IL_Add(ImageListID, "shell32.dll", A_Index)

; Create a TreeView and a ListView side-by-side to behave like Windows Explorer:

Gui, Add, TreeView, vMyTreeView r20 w%TreeViewWidth% gMyTreeView ImageList%ImageListID%

Gui, Add, ListView, vMyListView r20 w%ListViewWidth% x+10, Name|Modified

; Set the ListView's column widths (this is optional):

Col2Width = 70 ; Narrow to reveal only the YYYYMMDD part.

LV_ModifyCol(1, ListViewWidth - Col2Width - 30) ; Allows room for vertical scrollbar.

LV_ModifyCol(2, Col2Width)

; Create a Status Bar to give info about the number of files and their total size:

Gui, Add, StatusBar

SB_SetParts(60, 85) ; Create three parts in the bar (the third part fills all the remaining width).

; Add folders and their subfolders to the tree. Display the status in case loading takes a long time:

SplashTextOn, 200, 25, TreeView and StatusBar Example, Loading the tree...



; Display the window and return. The OS will notify the script whenever the user performs an eligible action:

Gui, Show,, %TreeRoot% ; Display the source directory (TreeRoot) in the title bar.


AddSubFoldersToTree(Folder, ParentItemID = 0)


; This function adds to the TreeView all subfolders in the specified folder.

; It also calls itself recursively to gather nested folders to any depth.

Loop %Folder%\*.*, 2 ; Retrieve all of Folder's sub-folders.

AddSubFoldersToTree(A_LoopFileFullPath, TV_Add(A_LoopFileName, ParentItemID, "Icon4"))


MyTreeView: ; This subroutine handles user actions (such as clicking).

if A_GuiEvent <> S ; i.e. an event other than "select new tree item".

return ; Do nothing.

; Otherwise, populate the ListView with the contents of the selected folder.

; First determine the full path of the selected folder:

TV_GetText(SelectedItemText, A_EventInfo)

ParentID := A_EventInfo

Loop ; Build the full path to the selected folder.


ParentID := TV_GetParent(ParentID)

if not ParentID ; No more ancestors.


TV_GetText(ParentText, ParentID)

SelectedItemText = %ParentText%\%SelectedItemText%


SelectedFullPath = %TreeRoot%\%SelectedItemText%

; Put the files into the ListView:

LV_Delete() ; Clear all rows.

GuiControl, -Redraw, MyListView ; Improve performance by disabling redrawing during load.

FileCount = 0 ; Init prior to loop below.

TotalSize = 0

Loop %SelectedFullPath%\*.* ; For simplicity, this omits folders so that only files are shown in the ListView.


LV_Add("", A_LoopFileName, A_LoopFileTimeModified)

FileCount += 1

TotalSize += A_LoopFileSize


GuiControl, +Redraw, MyListView

; Update the three parts of the status bar to show info about the currently selected folder:

SB_SetText(FileCount . " files", 1)

SB_SetText(Round(TotalSize / 1024, 1) . " KB", 2)

SB_SetText(SelectedFullPath, 3)


GuiSize: ; Expand/shrink the ListView and TreeView in response to user's resizing of window.

if A_EventInfo = 1 ; The window has been minimized. No action needed.


; Otherwise, the window has been resized or maximized. Resize the controls to match.

GuiControl, Move, MyTreeView, % "H" . (A_GuiHeight - 30) ; -30 for StatusBar and margins.

GuiControl, Move, MyListView, % "H" . (A_GuiHeight - 30) . " W" . (A_GuiWidth - TreeViewWidth - 30)


GuiClose: ; Exit the script when the user closes the TreeView's GUI window.



Gui, Add, Edit, x72 y79 w180 h70 , Edit

; Generated using SmartGUI Creator for SciTE

Gui, Show, w479 h205, Untitled GUI

;Gui +Resize




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