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Функция с переменным числом аргументов
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Раздел: AutoHotkey - Functions
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Join(sep, params*) {

for index,param in params

str .= param . sep

return SubStr(str, 1, -StrLen(sep))


MsgBox % Join("`n", "one", "two", "three")

substrings := ["one", "two", "three"]

MsgBox % Join("`n", substrings*)


  • Numbering of parameters within the source array begins at 1.
  • Optional parameters may be entirely omitted from the array.
  • The array of parameters may contain named items when calling a user-defined function; in any other case, named items are not supported.
  • The target function may also be variadic, in which case named items are copied even if they have no corresponding formal parameter.
  • This syntax can also be used when calling methods or retrieving properties of objects; for example, Object.Property[Params*]. In v1.1.12+, it can also be used for setting properties.

Known limitations:

  • Only the right-most parameter can be expanded this way. For example, Func(x, y*) is supported but Func(x*, y) is not.
  • There must not be any non-whitespace characters between the asterisk (*) and the symbol which ends the parameter list.


- итерация массива начинается с 1-цы

- переменное число аргументов может быть только последним параметром объявления функции

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