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setFlags(Qt::ItemFlags flags) / установка флагов
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flags Qt::ItemFlags

This enum describes the properties of an item:

Constant Value Description

Qt::NoItemFlags 0 It does not have any properties>

Qt::ItemIsSelectable 1 It can be selected.

Qt::ItemIsEditable 2 It can be edited.

Qt::ItemIsDragEnabled 4 It can be dragged.

Qt::ItemIsDropEnabled 8 It can be used as a drop target.

Qt::ItemIsUserCheckable 16 It can be checked or unchecked by the user.

Qt::ItemIsEnabled 32 The user can interact with the item.

Qt::ItemIsAutoTristate 64 The item's state depends on the state of its children. This enables automatic management of the state of parent items in QTreeWidget (checked if all children are checked, unchecked if all children are unchecked, or partially checked if only some children are checked).

Qt::ItemIsTristate ItemIsAutoTristate This enum value is deprecated. Use Qt::ItemIsAutoTristate instead.

Qt::ItemNeverHasChildren 128 The item never has child items. This is used for optimization purposes only.

Qt::ItemIsUserTristate 256 The user can cycle through three separate states. This value has been added in Qt 5.5.

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