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AES: Advanced Encryption Standard, also known as the encryption algorithm, widely used to secure video contents

ATOM: Basic data unit inside a MP4 video file that contains a header and a data field that can contain various metadata or information

CENC: Common Encryption (ISO/IEC 23001-7:2012) standardizes the way encryption is applied on video contents. MPEG-DASH specifications are referencing CENC.

CTR: Short name for Counter Mode, the most popular variant of AES encryption

ISO-BMFF: ISO Base Media File Format (ISO/IEC 14496-12:2012) is the newest generation specification of the MP4 container.

MDAT: The atom where MP4’s actual raw information is stored

MFRA: Movie Fragment Random Access atom

MOOV: Short for “Movie Atom,” defining the timescale, duration, and display characteristics of the movie, as well as subatoms containing information for each track in the movie

PIFF: Protected Interoperable File Format, a Microsoft specification for a file container able to support several encryptions and DRM systems

PSSH: The Protection System-Specific Header box contains metadata needed by a specific Content Protection system to decrypt the media content.

SAIO: Sample Auxiliary Information Offsets

SAIZ: Sample Auxiliary Information Sizes

SENC: Sample Specific ENCryption data

SID: SystemID, identifier of the DRM technology used

SIDX: Segment Index BoxTFDT: Track Fragment Decode Time

XLINK: XML Linking Language specification from the W3C

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