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cd /tmp

sudo apt-get build-dep <some packet>

sudo apt-get install devscripts

apt-get source <some packet>

wget <last source>.tar.gz

tar zxf <last source>.tar.gz

cd <last source dir>

rm -rf debian

cp -a ../<source dir from apt>/debian .

vi debian/changelog

# change the first line: <last version> -> <version in file>

debuild -i -uc -us -b

That will create an febootstrap 3.14 .deb file in /tmp which you can


sudo dpkg -i ../<created packege>.deb

Some times have problem with patches

--with-static-ldap --enable-plugins=all --enable-python --enable-nss=yes

This will do everything to make full binary and source packages for you. It will:

  • clean the source tree (debian/rules clean)
  • build the source package (dpkg-source -b)
  • build the program (debian/rules build)
  • build binary packages (fakeroot debian/rules binary)

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