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        wondershaper - simple traffic shaping script


        wondershaper [interface]
        wondershaper clear [interface]
        wondershaper [interface] [downlink] [uplink]


        This  manual page documents briefly the wondershaper script.  This man‐
        ual page was written for the Debian distribution because  the  original
        script does not have a manual page.
        wondershaper  is  a  traffic  shaping script that provides low latency,
        prioritizes bulk transfers below normal web traffic, prioritizes inter‐
        active  shells above normal web traffic, and attempts to prevent upload
        and download traffic from affecting each other’s ack packets.  Put sim‐
        ply, the wondershaper makes your internet connection more "responsive"


        A  summary  of  wondershaper  syntax is included below.  For a complete
        description, see the files in /usr/share/doc/wondershaper.
        wondershaper [ interface ]
               Shows the status of traffic shaping on that interface.
        wondershaper clear [ interface ]
               Removes all traffic shaping from that interface.
        wondershaper [ interface ] [ downlink ] [ uplink ]
               Configures the wondershaper on the  specified  interface,  given
               the  specified  downlink  speed  in kilobits per second, and the
               specified uplink speed in kilobits per second.
        The programs are documented fully by:


        This manual page was written by Vince Mulhollon  <>,  for
        the Debian project (but may be used by others).
                                  May  30, 2004                 WONDERSHAPER(8) 
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