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Upgrade 11.x to 12.1
Время создания: 17.11.2011 16:28
Раздел: Computers - OS - Linux - openSuSE
Запись: xintrea/mytetra_db_rarrugas/master/base/13215437287wljp2xpei/text.html на

# zypper modifyrepo --all --disable

# zypper addrepo --name "openSUSE-12.1 OSS" repo-12.1-oss

# zypper addrepo --name "openSUSE-12.1 Non-OSS" repo-12.1-non-oss

# zypper addrepo --refresh --name "openSUSE-12.1 Updates" repo-12.1-update

# zypper ref && zypper -q dup -d
# init 3
# zypper dup --download-in-advance
# shutdown -r now (to complete the Kernel Update)

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