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Раздел: Electronics - Microcontrollers - AVR8


Программируем кристалл командой avrdude с соответствующими ключами:

avrdude -c USBasp -p atmega8 -b19200 -U flash:w:'/home/phara/AVR/C PROJs/m8_prog/Debug/m8_prog.hex'


-p <partno> Required. Specify AVR device.

-b <baudrate> Override RS-232 baud rate.

-B <bitclock> Specify JTAG/STK500v2 bit clock period (us).

-C <config-file> Specify location of configuration file.

-c <programmer> Specify programmer type.

-D Disable auto erase for flash memory

-i <delay> ISP Clock Delay [in microseconds]

-P <port> Specify connection port.

-F Override invalid signature check.

-e Perform a chip erase.

-O Perform RC oscillator calibration (see AVR053).

-U <memtype>:r|w|v:<filename>[:format]

Memory operation specification.

Multiple -U options are allowed, each request

is performed in the order specified.

-n Do not write anything to the device.

-V Do not verify.

-u Disable safemode, default when running from a script.

-s Silent safemode operation, will not ask you if

fuses should be changed back.

-t Enter terminal mode.

-E <exitspec>[,<exitspec>] List programmer exit specifications.

-x <extended_param> Pass <extended_param> to programmer.

-y Count # erase cycles in EEPROM.

-Y <number> Initialize erase cycle # in EEPROM.

-v Verbose output. -v -v for more.

-q Quell progress output. -q -q for less.

-? Display this usage.

Просто стереть кристалл:

avrdude -c USBasp -p atmega8 -b19200 -e

Прочитать EEPROM:

avrdude -c USBasp -p atmega8 -U eeprom:r:'/home/phara/AVR/C PROJs/name_of_project_folder/eeprom.raw':r

Записать в EEPROM:

avrdude -c USBasp -p atmega8 -U eeprom:w:'/home/phara/eeprom.hex'

Прочитать FUSE в формате HEX:

avrdude -c USBasp -p atmega8 -U hfuse:r:'/home/phara/AVR/hfuse.txt':h -U lfuse:r:'/home/phara/AVR/lfuse.txt':h

Записать FUSE:

avrdude -c USBasp -p atmega8 -U lfuse:w:0xE1:m -U hfuse:w:0x99:m

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