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Boston Dynamics (Jobs)
Время создания: 06.02.2017 10:56
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Software Engineer / Robotics Engineer

Title: Software Engineer / Robotics Engineer
Location of Job: Waltham, Massachusetts

For this position we are seeking a hard working individual with experience developing, debugging and optimizing real-time software for implementing closed-loop feedback control on the world’s most advanced walking robots. We require a Bachelors or Masters degree in computer science or engineering and significant hands-on experience developing, testing, and debugging software for real-time sensing and control. Strong interpersonal, speaking and writing skills are required. We desire experience ranging from concept through build, test, debug, redesign, production and delivery.

We are looking for experience in several of the following areas:

  • C, C++ programming for real-time control and sensor processing
  • QNX or Linux in embedded real-time systems
  • CVS or Mercurial
  • Code control discipline
  • Digital signal processing
  • Device drivers for interfacing to control and sensing hardware
  • Networking and peripheral interfaces

Software Perception Engineer

Title: Software Perception Engineer
Location of Job: Waltham, Massachusetts

For this position, we are seeking a Robotics Engineer to join a small, fast moving team working to give our legged robots the ability to navigate through forests and across mountains. Combining state of the art sensors with unusually mobile robots, and working with perception experts from multiple organizations, our projects offer the opportunity to make autonomous systems work on high profile, outdoor robots.

The ideal candidate has experience participating in hands-on robotics research and expertise with motion planning and LIDAR/vision processing. He or she should be a MS, PhD, or highly-skilled BS, and should have a strong software engineering background, including knowledge of C++, python, object oriented design, and experience on a team delivering real systems. Examples of excellent practical experience include calibrating cameras, model building from point clouds, data fusion for localization, object tracking, and getting a robot from here to there in the real world.

Our engineers write lots of software, conduct sensor experiments, test robots on rough terrain in the rain and snow, communicate results to experts and laymen, operate with the team to pull off high-profile demos, and develop innovative solutions to new problems every day. We are easy going and hardworking and hope you will be, too. We are looking for experience in at least several of the following areas:

What we are looking for (required skills):

  • Experience with perception or motion planning on real-world robots
  • The ability to write good C++ code and use a debugger
  • Experience working within Linux
  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures relevant to robotics

Desired skills (not required but would be nice):

  • Comfortable with debugging hardware systems
  • Experience with fielded systems
  • Real-time software and control systems
  • Python and graphics programming
  • An understanding of mechanics and dynamics

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