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Как получить медиапоток интернет-телевидения на примере Юность.Ру
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Читаем текст по ссылке:

(можно по ходу записи пару раз остановить запустить проигрывание потока в браузере)

В результате получаем команду вида:

rtmpdump -r rtmp:// -o out.flv

или, что более интересно:

rtmpdump -r rtmp:// 2>/dev/null | mplayer -

По факту, нормально работает такая команда:

rtmpdump --live -r rtmp:// -v 2>/dev/null | mplayer -cache 1024 -cache-min 90 -speed 0.97 -

Объяснение на английском:

How to record (capture) with rtmpdump.

For example I want to record (capture) live broadcast of tv:

I run:
tcpdump -ieth0 -nn -A | grep -e"rtmp" -e"connect" -e"play" > rt.txt

Sometime it's useful to add -e"app" option in grep in spite of it can capture a lot of garbage.

I open this page, waiting broadcasting and 3-4 times reload page again to fill buffer of output file (rt.txt in this case).
I always capture packets in file (sometimes output on consile may be wrong or not full).

Next I open rt.txt and looking for piece of text like this:

connect.? 10,1,82,76..swfUrl..'

and build command in accordance with this manual:

You should be careful with dots in options (turn on your brain and use cut and try method) like in this example:
rtmp://   should be   rtmp://

Here is example of 60 sec record:

rtmpdump -r rtmp:// \
-a live \
-y RT_3 \
-W \
-p \
-f "LNX 10,1,82,76" \
-o ~/russia_tooday.flv \
-B 60

The simple command:

rtmpdump -r rtmp:// \
-y RT_3 \
-o ~/russia_tooday.flv \
-B 60

also works but they recommend to use full syntax.

Blumberg TV

connect.? 10,1,82,76..swfUrl..Jhttp://cdn.*rtmpt://


rtmpdump -r rtmpt:// \
-a live \
-y us_300@21006 \
-W \
-p \
-f "LNX 10,1,82,76" \
-o ~/bloomberg.flv \
-B 60 \

Video on demand:
Deutsche Welle,,4756,00.html

Program Euromaxx (with Roxette):

a4337/dwwod1/..flashVer...LNX 10,1,82,76..swfUrl..; *rtmpt://

rtmpdump -r rtmpt:// \
-a a4337/dwwod1/ \
-y mp4:dwtv_video/flv/eme/emagen090211-euromaxx01ep_sd_avc.mp4 \
-W \
-p rtmpt:// \
-f "LNX 10,1,82,76" \
-o ~/euromaxx.flv

P.S. Some servers do not talk on this language and it's hard to get options for rtmpdump in such a way.

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